How to Make Stairs Safer for Elderly

How to make stairs safer for elderly

Whether it is at a workplace or at home, stairs are integral parts of many of our lives, particularly in suburban homes. It is extremely critical for us to provision for safety on staircases and prevent slips, trips, and falls on the stairs. This provisioning becomes even more important if the potential users of these … Read more

Best EMS Stair Chair

Best EMS Stair Chair

We have reviewed the best EMS stair chair. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 5. Approximately 240 million calls are made to the national emergency helpline number 9-1-1 every year in the US[1] Many of those emergency calls consist of life-threatening events such as fires, … Read more

How to Get a Wheelchair Up and Down Stairs

It may be a challenge to get a wheelchair up and down stairs

Your power or manual wheelchair has immense benefits for you. You have rediscovered your mobility and freedom on your wheelchair. It has helped you get back your access to most public places. You probably have joined back at your workplace. All said, you feel really liberated and rightly so! So, when you see those flight … Read more