5 Ways to Deal with a Narcissistic Elderly Mother

How to Deal with a Narcissistic Mother

The Oxford Dictionary defines a narcissistic person as someone who admires herself or himself too much. As a personality trait, narcissism is seen as cruel and self-centered. Anyone with a narcissistic mother knows the pain of having a relationship with someone who is supposed to be kind, nurturing, and loving, where it feels anything but … Read more

Mom Thinks Everyone Is Against Her – What to Do

Elderly woman angry with her adult child

“I am worried about my mother; she’s displaying uncontrollable anger and pettiness towards most people and thinks everyone is out to get her”… If this sounds like something you’ve been thinking of a lot lately, you are not alone. Many adult children of aging mothers, who are facing sudden loss and loneliness, and greater dependency … Read more

How to Cope With Caring for Both Young Children and Elderly Parents

Caring for Both Young Children and Elderly Parents

If you are in your 30’s or 50s and are in between having aging parents and rearing your children, you are part of the sandwich generation. Nothing could be physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically draining than juggling your time between them, not to mention your marriage, including other responsibilities such as home management and work. … Read more

Guardianship vs Power of Attorney for Elderly

Guardianship vs power of attorney for elderly

As we age, our physical or mental conditions change rapidly. With this, our ability to make critical decisions about our finances or health care can also deteriorate. There are various ways an elderly can plan for the situation when she loses the capacity to make these decisions. Two legal ways of planning for these situations … Read more

Helping Seniors with Finances – How Can I Protect My Elderly Parents Money?

Elderly and Money

There are times when you realize that the elderly around you are experiencing a decline in their ability to remember things. An adverse effect of this comes in their ability to handle their finances. When you realize that you need to help them in going about their lives with dignity and comfort, you do not … Read more