A Guide on How to Get a Wheelchair for Free

A Guide on How to Get a Wheelchair for Free

One of the challenges faced by the differently-abled is a lack of easily accessible information about the different programs and facilities available to make life easier. With this article, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive list of options available if you, or someone you know, needs help getting their hands on a subsidized/free … Read more

How to Weigh Someone in a Wheelchair?

How to Weigh Someone in a Wheelchair

Weighing yourself regularly is critical to keeping healthy. More so, for someone who is wheelchair-bound and has limited mobility. If you have been wondering, how to weigh someone in a wheelchair, we have the answer for you. With the right wheelchair scale and technique, you can make sure that you can regularly monitor your weight, … Read more

Best Accessible Airlines for Disabled Passengers and Wheelchair Users

Airplane ready for on board

Air travel has made traveling convenient, fast, and enjoyable. But for disabled and wheelchair-bound travelers, air travel can still be quite an arduous process. This article aims to provide you the necessary information about air travel for disabled passengers and wheelchair users. We will also discuss some of the best accessible airlines for the differently-abled.  … Read more

A Complete Guide to Make a Wheelchair Accessible Home and Business

How to Choose a Wheelchair for Elderly

Whether the change is meant to adjust to a disability, done in preparation for aging in place, or simply to comply with guidelines to provide equal access to everyone – modifying a home or a public accommodation can seem like a daunting task. To help you through the process, this article offers a comprehensive guide … Read more