Money and Career Advice for Seniors

Earning and managing money remains one of the most important aspects of our lives after childhood. If you have been fortunate in your youth and have earned and saved well, you need to manage your nest egg so that it lasts you the rest of your life. That takes some skill and the right knowledge or financial advice.

And many of us might not have a big enough nest egg saved up for our golden years. In such a case, it is critical that we plan our career and retirement lest we find ourselves working well into old age.

With our own solidly researched content and with the capability and experience brought to the table by our acquisition of, we bring to you, advice from experts and money managers on how you can take care of your nest egg and even grow it in your golden years.

We talk about money-saving tips for seniors and how the elderly can continue to earn in their retirement. In this section, we also explore the financial abuse of seniors and how to detect and prevent it.

Some of the nuggets that you will find here are proper investing in retirement, using strategies like exchange and bartering of services and flexible jobs for seniors in the gig economy.

In a nutshell, this detailed section of our website is geared towards educating the elderly and their caregivers on how to manage money so that they can have a comfortable retirement.

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HelpAndWellness Acquires U-Exchange

We are pleased to announce that has acquired For us, it is a proud moment to be associated with a brand like‘s partnership with works as a strategic fit. is focused on all things related to senior well-being.

With’s exclusive focus on the exchange economy, it represents a great opportunity for seniors to save money by exchanging things that they do not need or use with things that they need.

Idea Behind’s Acquisition is always scouting for the relevant acquisitions to boost our services and offerings to seniors and the elderly. The idea behind’s acquisition came from the constant requests of our users.

Our users always requested us to give them more information about bartering and exchanging. From bartering houses for vacations to exchanging gently used products to etiquette and legalities of bartering, we got hundreds of monthly queries regarding the exchange economy. is a trusted resource for seniors and elderly looking to plan their careers and supplement their sources of income or save money. We felt that the barter and exchange economy is a great first step for seniors to make their money go that much further.

Thus when the opportunity presented itself, our team moved fast and acquired the technology, team and know-how of We intend to build on their existing strength to be able to serve our loyal base of users even better. and Partnership

The and partnership will be at many levels. Strategically, the two companies are a great fit.

With the amalgamation of’s technology into the fold of, it will allow to launch a barter engine for seniors where the elderly can log in and browse for things to exchange with like-minded people. will use the existing database of to give seniors options to buy gently used things beyond the traditional shopping channels.

In subsequent phases of launch, plans to use’s technology to build a platform for entrepreneurs, retirees and enterprising seniors to build entire barter-based businesses and services on the newly launched platform.

Ability to Make Large Purchases on a Small Budget with U-exchange Technology

The exchange economy gives seniors the ability to make large purchases with a small budget. Seniors looking to buy a power recliner might be looking at spending several hundred dollars on a new recliner.

But if they are able to exchange something, it will be much easier for them to get that recliner or that transport wheelchair to make their life much better.

The idea behind bartering for things is to be able to make find people who will use your gently used and pre-loved things and exchange them for things that those people no longer need. With enough participants on the platform, such a system will give seniors the ability to make large purchases on a small (or zero) budget.

Our readers will be able to now learn from the long experience of u-exchange and get more relevant advice about saving money through the exchange economy.

Evolving Needs of Seniors

Evolving needs of seniors, as they age mean that the things they need are quite different from what they may have needed just five or ten years ago. And given the fact that many seniors are on fixed income, they prefer to barter these things for the things that they no longer use.

Some of the successful examples of barters and exchanges that we have seen seniors use on the u-exchange platform are exchanging their old car for a power wheelchair or a fitness watch for the wheelchair-bound.

We have also seen some seniors exchange items that they no longer use like office chairs for beach chairs or older furniture for lightweight chairs that are meant for seniors.

Some of the most common things that seniors want for exchange are:

Things Seniors Do Not Use Any Longer

With age, there are many things that seniors might stop using. Or they might have very limited use for them. Thus it is a good idea for the elderly to barter them for the things that they actually need. This has the additional benefit of clearing clutter and organizing their homes for aging in place.

Some of the things that seniors have limited use for are:

A successful barter engine will help seniors find the products that they need and help them get rid of the products that they do not, helping everyone in the transaction.

Thus the strategic acquisition of u-exchange by will help the two organizations achieve the ultimate goal that they started out to achieve – help and support their readers.