Are Senior Apartments Cheaper

What Are Senior apartments or Congregate Care Housing? You need to be aged 55 at the least, or 62 and older to qualify for a senior apartment complex. The rent for a senior living community may include community services such as recreational programs, transportation services, and meals served in a common dining area. Senior apartment … Read more

How Does One Pay for Assisted Living?

Assisted Living

We understand that the cost of assisted living can be overwhelming at first. However, if you compare the average cost of an assisted living residence to the average cost of a nursing home or home care, assisted living is often one of the more affordable and convenient options. This holds good especially if you do … Read more

Is It Better to Retire or Resign?

Resign or Retire

You’ve spent your entire working years building towards this point: it’s time to retire and enjoy your time doing all of the things you have wanted to for years. Did you know, though, that retiring isn’t the only option you have? When you get to an age where you’re starting to think about retiring and … Read more

Your Post-Retirement Options: Your 2021 Guide

1. Your Post-Retirement Options Your 2021 Guide

Introduction: Making the Decision to Move Making the decision to move after retirement can be a tough one to make. If you’ve found your way onto our article, we’re guessing you’ve either chosen to move or are seriously considering it.  It can be difficult to start when thinking about where you’re going to move. Nowadays; … Read more

Helping Seniors with Finances – How Can I Protect My Elderly Parents Money?

Elderly and Money

There are times when you realize that the elderly around you are experiencing a decline in their ability to remember things. An adverse effect of this comes in their ability to handle their finances. When you realize that you need to help them in going about their lives with dignity and comfort, you do not … Read more

Best Jobs for a Wheelchair User – How to Make Money when You are Disabled?

Working in a wheelchair

As per the Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990 (ADA), it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against a potential candidate to be hired or an employee on the job, on the basis of disability. In this article, we will discuss the disability job space in general, which companies are hiring employees with disabilities, and … Read more