Assisted Living Insurance Costs

Assisted Living Insurance Costs

Worrying about living and care assistance needs as you age is normal – your working years are behind you and you (may) have a limited income depending on the pension plan and savings you have. While your retirement pension and savings may cover your cost of living for years, will it cover the cost of … Read more

Are Seniors’ Apartments Cheaper than Normal Housing?

If you are knocking on the doors of retirement or if you are already there, you might be wondering, are apartments meant for seniors cheaper or less expensive as compared to normal housing? The short answer is that yes, senior apartments are cheaper than comparable normal housing. But a lot goes into choosing a seniors’ … Read more

How Does One Pay for Assisted Living?

Assisted Living

We understand that the cost of assisted living can be overwhelming at first. However, if you compare the average cost of an assisted living residence to the average cost of a nursing home or home care, assisted living is often one of the more affordable and convenient options. This holds good especially if you do … Read more

Is It Better to Retire or Resign?

Resign or Retire

You’ve spent your entire working years building towards this point: it’s time to retire and enjoy your time doing all of the things you have wanted to for years. Did you know, though, that retiring isn’t the only option you have? When you get to an age where you’re starting to think about retiring and … Read more

Non-Medical Caregiver Job Description

Non Medical Caregiver Job Description

The job of a caregiver is challenging to say the least – it can get very taxing physically, as well as mentally in some cases. The older your client is, or the more physically challenged your client is, the more difficult the routine becomes for the caregiver. Being the owner of a non-medical home care … Read more