Problems With Home Care Agencies

What happens when you face problems with home care agencies? Below we look at some common problems, and how you can avoid them. Do you have a senior member in the family? Do they need proper care that you cannot give due to busy work schedules? If yes, then why not contact a home care … Read more

How To Tell Your Parents They Have To Stay in a Nursing Home

How To Tell Your Parents They Have To Stay in a Nursing Home

Making the decision that it’s time for your parent to go into a nursing home is, probably, one of the hardest decisions you’ll make for them. Once the decision is made, you will start researching the best places for your parent to be – maybe they have a special health condition that requires a specific … Read more

Are Probiotics Safe To Take During Pregnancy?

Are Probiotics Safe To Take During Pregnancy

Congratulations – you’re expecting a little one! Maybe this is your first one, maybe it’s your fourth one – no matter, though, it’s such an exciting time in your life. Even if you already have children, you may have questions about what is safe to consume during pregnancy and what isn’t – especially when we’re … Read more

Hydration Balls for Dementia and Elderly Patients

Hydration Balls for Dementia and Elderly Patients

Aging is often synonymous with a lot of conditions, challenging both the physical and mental range of capacity of an individual. Though uniform, yet these changes manifest very differently in each person. Functional failures such as lapses in memory are more pronounced in the elderly than in the young. This is normal as one age. … Read more

Best Ways to Keep the Elderly Warm

How to Keep the Elderly Warm

Cold countries, experiencing temperatures as low as -50 degrees, days without the sun, frequent cold winds, and blizzards to boot, are a tough terrain to live in. In such extreme weather conditions, our bodies have a way of acclimatizing. But it is the heating systems and other boons of technology that truly come to the … Read more

How to Weigh Someone in a Wheelchair?

How to Weigh Someone in a Wheelchair

Weighing yourself regularly is critical to keeping healthy. More so, for someone who is wheelchair-bound and has limited mobility. If you have been wondering, how to weigh someone in a wheelchair, we have the answer for you. With the right wheelchair scale and technique, you can make sure that you can regularly monitor your weight, … Read more

Best Accessible Airlines for Disabled Passengers and Wheelchair Users

Airplane ready for on board

Traveling is such a liberating experience, especially now when the world has truly become such a small oyster. Air travel has especially made traveling so very convenient, fast, and enjoyable for all. However, for the disabled passengers and those who are wheelchair-bound, this can be quite an elaborate process, more than what it usually is … Read more

How to Get Elderly Walking Again

nurse assisting senior stroke patient

As an older adult, muscle loss and loss of bone density are to be expected. As seniors age, limited mobility is a major cause for concern as it causes muscle loss and reduction in bone density. Muscle weakness, frailty, disease, and surgeries are the main reasons for many seniors living less active lifestyles. When you’re … Read more