Adaptive Clothing for Blind

Adaptive clothing for blind can give a visually impaired person a degree of independence

Adaptive clothing for blind people can make those suffering from vision impairment, immensely independent and self sufficient. In this article, we discuss the problems that blind face when buying clothing of their choice. We will also explore some of the adaptive clothing ideas geared towards making dressing up easier for them. The WHO estimates that … Read more

What are Lift Chair Recliners?

Lift recliner

Lift chair recliners are armchairs that have twin functions of reclining (for comfort) and forward tilt (for easy getting out and in). They are designed to help people with limited mobility get in and out of the chair more easily. Lift chair recliners come with different specifications for different uses. You can also choose from … Read more

How to Get Into a Locked Bathroom Door?

Get into a locked bathroom door

You will be surprised to know how often an elderly person can get locked inside a bathroom. Have you ever wondered how to get into a locked bathroom door in case of an emergency? Getting locked inside bathrooms or not being able to open bathroom doors is more common with young children and seniors who … Read more

Tired of Caring for Elderly Parents? Make them independent, they will love you for it.

Tired of caring for the elderly

If you are tired of caring for elderly parents, don’t despair. A better way is possible. Being a caregiver for elderly parents requires immense patience and understanding. It can be a tiring, life-stopping, career-threatening and sometimes even a thankless job. It can be even worse for some, if after all the hard work, all you … Read more

What is a Roho Cushion?

Roho inflatable cushion

A Roho cushion is an inflatable cushion for wheelchairs and beds that can make it more comfortable to be in a wheelchair or be bed bound for long periods of time. For people who have limited mobility and are either wheelchair bound or bed bound for a large portion of the day, finding a comfortable … Read more