How to Start a Transportation Business for the Elderly

woman helping senior man in a wheelchair to get in the car

Old age is inevitable and with it comes many challenges. Many seniors develop health issues related to old age, from strokes, poor eyesight to hearing impairment, and more. This disables them from leading a completely independent life, including being unable to drive. Many of them have to stop driving and surrender their driver’s license at … Read more

What Happens to the Elderly Without Family or Money?

Sad Old Man

Growing old is a challenge with looming ailments and loneliness associated with the penultimate stage of life. But for those without any family to care for and no financial assistance, it is a hugely frightening thought. Unfortunately, this thought is fast becoming a more common reality than ever before, with more than seven million Americans … Read more

Does Medicare Cover Toilet Seat Risers

Does Medicare Cover Toilet Seat Risers

The disabled, the elderly, and all those who have any painful or limiting conditions of the legs know how hard it can become to perform even a simple task like using the toilet. It is not only physically problematic but also very distressing, considering that the help of a caregiver is required just to relieve … Read more

Problems With Home Care Agencies

What happens when you face problems with home care agencies? Below we look at some common problems, and how you can avoid them. Do you have a senior member in the family? Do they need proper care that you cannot give due to busy work schedules? If yes, then why not contact a home care … Read more

How To File A Complaint Against A Home Healthcare Agency

If your loved ones are not getting the right care from their HHA, below is a step-by-step guide on how to file a complaint against a home healthcare agency. A Home Healthcare Agency (HHA) should provide quality healthcare to their patients. Nearly 4.5 mn people use Home healthcare agencies in the US for assistance with … Read more

How To Tell Your Parents They Have To Stay in a Nursing Home

How To Tell Your Parents They Have To Stay in a Nursing Home

Making the decision that it’s time for your parent to go into a nursing home is, probably, one of the hardest decisions you’ll make for them. Once the decision is made, you will start researching the best places for your parent to be – maybe they have a special health condition that requires a specific … Read more