Mobility Solutions

As we age, the simple, daily activity of moving about can sometimes become a challenge. Fortunately, depending on the condition, we have many devices that we can choose from to improve our mobility.

Let us help you find the best mobility devices.

Electric and Manual Wheelchairs

Guide on How to Get a Wheelchair for Free

One of the most ubiquitous mobility aids, wheelchairs can literally take you places. Read about your wheelchair options and how you can make your life comfortable when using a wheelchair.

Mobility and Knee Scooters

A Guide to Get a Mobility Scooter for Free

A mobility scooter helps the elderly and disabled be out and about. A knee scooter is used after an injury. Here we cover in detail your best options among mobility and knee scooters. We also share tips to maintain your mobility aids.

Canes and Crutches

Walker, Crutches, or Cane After Hip Replacement – What to use

Whether you are recovering from an injury or need more support to walk due to age, using a cane or a crutch can be a good idea. In this section, we talk about different types of canes and crutches and how you can use them to make your life easier.

Rollators and Walkers

Our Favorite Rollator Walker Accessories

Rollator walkers provide stability and freedom of movement over short distances. In this section, we cover in-depth, how you can use them and your best options when it comes to choosing a rollator walker.