Home Modifications

Increasingly, people are looking to age in place. If you have lived in the same house for decades, it is not easy to break those ties and move to a retirement home.

But if you are looking to age in place, it is quite likely that you will need to make changes to your house and your lifestyle. The same dwelling that has served you so well for years, might need minor (or major) modifications to make it ready for your golden years.

In this section, we cover all the home modifications that you need to make to age in place. Our detailed guides will help you select the big and small changes needed to make things more comfortable for a happy and healthy retirement.


How To Get Out Of Bath With Arthritis

Your bathroom is one of the first places that need to be modified to enable you to safely age in place. From anti-slip mats and grab poles to adaptive showerheads and walk-in tubs, it can cost thousands of dollars. We help you make the right choices so that your bathroom is safer and more usable as you age.


Senior woman holding on handrail in the toilet

As you age, your ability to sit on a toilet seat decreases. Incontinence is also something that many seniors deal with. The right adaptations and modifications to your toilet will help you do your business with comfort and dignity.


Disabled woman cutting vegetables in her kitchen

Your ability to cook for yourself will keep you independent and self-reliant for a long time. Kitchen modifications will help you to use your kitchen to the fullest, even when you are not in your prime health.


Old Man Sleeping

A good night’s sleep is essential to feel fresh and active the next day. As you age, some modifications to your bedroom will help make it more comfortable and safe for you. In our detailed guides, we help you with different options when making your bedroom ready for you to age in place.

Garden and Yard

Gardening in a wheelchair

For those who love gardening, their back yard and front garden is their sanctuary – their happy zone where they can feel one with nature. Gardening can remain as enjoyable as ever when you age, if you have the right equipment. In this section, we help you choose the right implements so that you can indulge in your hobby well into your retirement.

Other Areas

Best Ladder For Seniors

A house has many areas to enjoy (and take care of). From the porch and deck to your living room and staircase. With the right tools and furniture, you can make sure that you make the most of all parts of your house. In this section of our website, we show you how you can care for your house and live fully in it!