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If you were to ask an elderly person, their primary concern with aging, more likely than not, they will say, their health. As we grow older, our bodies are unable to perform at the same level as they did in our younger days. We

But having said that, there are ways and means for those knocking on the doorstep of old age (or already there) to take care of teir health so that their bodies last them their life.

In this section, we bring together health experts – doctors, physiotherapists, occupation therapists chiropractors and nutrition experts to answer your health care related questions, especially around ageing.

Exercise and Workout

Best Exercise Equipment For Seniors

Our health experts share exercise and workout tips for the elderly and the specially abled.

Exercise Equipment

Best Exercise Equipment For Seniors

Advice on how to choose the best exercise equipment according to your age.


Middle aged man eating vegan salad

Manage your eating as you age with nutrition tips from health experts.

Mental Health

mental health for seniors,

Mental health advice for the elderly.

Games and Sports

Best Tennis Racquet For Seniors

Find out how you can stay healthy and keep playing your favorite sport well into your retirement.

Conditions and Procedures

What Is Knee Replacement

Get advice from health experts on different procedures and conditions that afflict us as we age.

Special Needs and Disability

Best Pediatric Wheelchairs

We have a complete section devoted to those with disability and those who have special needs. Our health experts talk about managing life as a disabled and also as a caregiver.