Weighted Vest for Kids – Benefits and Best Options

Weighted Vest for Kids

Roughly 250 babies are born into the world every minute[1]. However, not all of them are born or grow up to be healthy. It is estimated that 1 in every 54 children suffers from autism[2]. Likewise, a small percentage of children are afflicted with other developmental disorders like Asperger’s syndrome, sensory perception disorder, etc. These … Read more

Aerobic Exercises for Seniors

Happy Seniors Jogging together

Aerobic exercises for seniors are a trend these days. It is an exercise that will benefit an elderly person’s cardiovascular system through a moderate intensity routine, for a long period of time. Depending on the impact, rest breaks involved, and tolerance of the senior, it can be longer or less. But it is vital for the … Read more

Best Exercises for Elderly

Best Exercises For Elderly

Benefits of Exercise for the Older Adults Physical fitness declines with age. You may find that you are losing strength and stamina as you are getting older. How, then, can we keep our bodies functioning well as we age? This article will outline various exercises seniors might do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In short, … Read more