Drinking Cups for Parkinson’s Patients

We have reviewed the best drinking cups for Parkinson’s patients. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot. Or you can scroll down for detailed reviews

HealthGoodsIn- Two Handled...
BPA free plastic
Independence 2-Handle Plastic...
Two-Handled Steel 16 Ounce Cup...
Enamelled Steel
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SM SunniMix Adult Sippy Cup...
Ceramic outside, steel inside
HandSteady Drinking Aid

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Parkinson’s Disease is a condition of the human nervous system that progressively worsens and affects body movements.

Often associated with hand tremors, which is one of the first and most common symptoms of the disease, Parkinson’s is normally an old age-related condition that affects your ability to lead a normal lifestyle and complete daily household chores, even eating and drinking.

This article talks about the kind of drinking cups that are best for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease and goes on to review some of the best drinking cups for Parkinson’s patients.

Although a small percentage of Parkinson’s patients are less than 40 years old, Parkinson’s can be safely termed as a disease affecting the elderly.

The cause of Parkinson’s is unknown, although, like Alzheimer’s, which is the most common neuromuscular disease among the elderly, evidence has been found that genetics and environmental factors may be behind the onset of the disease.

How Common is Parkinson’s Disease?

In the US, approximately 1 million people may be suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and about 60,000 cases are estimated to be diagnosed every year.

That makes Parkinson’s the second most widely appearing neuromuscular system disorder after Alzheimer’s. in terms of percentages, Parkinson’s affects nearly 1 percent of the population over 60 years of age and about 5 percent of the population over 85 years of age. It is diagnosed in men considerably more frequently than in women1.

Here we have a Youtube video that helps you understand more what is Parkinson’s disease.

What is Parkinson's Disease?

What Problems Do Parkinson’s Patients Face?

The most common and almost always the first symptom of Parkinson’s is the uncontrollable and involuntary shaking and tremors of the hands and limbs. Understandably, this leads to problems in carrying out the simplest of household chores and even eating and drinking.

Many patients become frustrated when their intended hand movements misfire and involuntary tremors make it difficult to hold any object steady. Other symptoms, which progressively appear in Parkinson’s patients are slowed body movements, stiffness in the hands and legs, and difficulties in maintaining body balance and standing straight.

What to Look for in Drinking Cups for Parkinson’s Patients?

  • Grip / Hold: One of the main problems for Parkinson’s patients is hold objects steadily, due to hand tremors. Therefore, features on the cup which assist to this end are highly appreciated – like dual handles, or grooves for fingers to fit in snugly for a better hold, or matted handles for more friction and hence a better hold.
  • Weight & Material: The material of which the cup is made dictates the weight of the cup. The more lightweight the cup the better it is for Parkinson’s patients. Cups made of ceramic are generally heavy and those of plastic is lighter.
  • Straw / Sippers: If your cup is equipped with a sipper, well, then you can be hands-free, or at least you do not need to materially lift the cup to drink from it. This significantly reduces the chances of spillage and frustration.

Best Drinking Cups for Parkinson’s Patients

#1 Special Supplies 2 Handled Lightweight Drinking Cup

The cup is made of BPA and latex-free plastic and is lightweight to suit the needs of the Parkinson’s challenged. The dual handles allow the use of both hands and bring more stability to your drinking experience.

Special Supplies 2 Handled Lightweight Drinking Cup

The cup holds around 300 ml of liquid and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Even though the cup has the option to use without the lid and sipper as well, the sipper provides great convenience for the user and reduces the chance of spill to a large extent.

The lid fits reasonably tightly and there is no real possibility of it loosening and coming out when the cup is tilted and spilling the liquid onto the user. The handles are well insulated from the body of the cup and allow the user to grip them comfortably while the cup holds a hot beverage.

The cup is available in a pack of 2 as well and it is slightly more cost-effective than buying a single one.


  • Comes with 2 easy to grasp handles for better hold and stability
  • Option to drink with the detachable sipper which reduces the chances of a spill
  • Lightweight and easy to carry along
  • Content and quantity can be seen at all times
  • Made from safe plastic (BPA and latex-free)
  • Good value for money


  • Improperly attached sipper may result in leak and spills
  • You may find the handles a bit small if you have large hands

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#2 HealthGoodsIn 2 Handled Ceramic Mug

The mug is made of ceramic and has one handle on each side of the cup which makes it ideal for patients with hand tremors and gripping problems. The ceramic handles are well insulated from the body of the cup and lets you use both of your hands for a steadier hold.

HealthGoodsIn 2 Handled Ceramic Mug

This makes a significant impact on your drinking experience and encourages enjoying your beverage without any help from your caregiver.

Although ceramic is a heavier material and the cup weighs just under a pound, it comes with the advantages of ceramic – free of BPA and latex and completely safe to your with your other kitchen appliances like the dishwasher and microwave and therefore lend you with that extra bit of convenience in the kitchen is cleaning the cup or heating your favorite beverage quickly.

Having said that, if your Parkinson’s is at an advanced stage and you anticipate that the weight of the cup may be a problem, we recommend you go ahead with a dual handle plastic cup instead.


  • The volume of content that cup can hold is ample at 350 ml
  • Dual handles help in better hold and stability and reduces chances of spills
  • Available in 3 colors – blue, grey, and pink – to complement your personality
  • Safe to be used in the dishwasher for easy washing
  • Easy and quick to heat up beverages in the microwave


  • The weight of ceramic makes it slightly heavier than plastic cups
  • On the expensive side

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#3 Thixotropic Two Handled Enamelled Steel Cup

The double-handled cup from Thixotropic is made of enameled steel and is large enough to hold about 450 ml of liquid. The larger volume is sufficient for a long juice or extra-large coffee.

Thixotropic Two Handled Enamelled Steel Cup

However, the volume of contents of the cup may be restricted by the weight that can be comfortably lifted with both hands by the user. The dual handles offer more stability and a firmer grip on your cup and allow you to be more confident in social gatherings and encourage independent eating and drinking.

One of the standout advantages of the cup comes from the material which is used to make it – steel, which makes it highly resistant to breaking or chipping if accidentally dropped or due to rough use.

The cup also features a rounded rim that reduces the chances of dripping beverages while drinking. The cup is also suitable for outdoor use due to the durable material.

The only drawback of the cup is that steel being a good conductor of heat, the handles may sometimes heat up if the cup holds very hot beverages and you may not be able to use the handles to lift the cup.


  • 2 handles make it easier for Parkinson’s patients to lift the cup
  • Easy to wash and safe to be put in the dishwasher
  • No drip rim avoids an embarrassing situation in public
  • Lightweight and large volume
  • Good value for money


  • Not suitable for the microwave – you will have to heat up your beverage in a separate container and pout into this one
  • Not suitable for very hot liquids as handles may become hot as well

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#4 SunnyMix Adult Sippy Cup

The cup from SunnyMix is made of an outside coating of ceramic and an inside metal liner. The cup is lightweight at just a quarter of a pound and can be easily lifted by patients with hand tremors and impaired limb strength.

SunnyMix Adult Sippy Cup

The metal lining inside helps to preserve the temperature of the beverage for a long time as the outside ceramic layer acts as an insulator. However, the cup has only one handle and does not offer the stability that cups with 2 handles offer with a double-handed hold on the cup.

The straw is very helpful for seniors with Parkinson’s disease as users may not also be required to lift the cup, which kind of neutralizes the drawback of one-handle partly.

The cup also comes with a lid, when you are not using the straw, and makes it suitable to be used as a normal cup in outdoor locations.


  • Straw and spout offer convenient and spill-proof way to enjoy your beverages
  • Lightweight and easy to lift
  • Safe for the dishwasher which allows easy cleaning
  • Preserves temperature of content for longer


  • Not compatible with microwave
  • Single handle offers less stability than 2 handles

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#5 HandSteady Drinking Aid

The cup from HandSteady is made of quality plastic and is very lightweight at just over 100 grams, making it very suitable to for Parkinson’s patients (or even arthritis sufferers) who suffer from impaired hand strength.

HandSteady Drinking Aid

The handle of the cup is flexible, and the cup rotates sideways from the handle. As a result, you do not need to bend your hands at the wrists to drink from it, which is a relief for users with hand tremors.

The handle is also designed to be closer to the body of the cup which gives you the feeling of more stability while lifting the cup.  The volume of the cup is 250 ml and you may find it a bit smaller if you are used to large coffee doses.

The cup also comes with a lid that is about half an inch from the surface and stays discreet and also keeps your beverage hotter for more time. The lid is also equipped with a rubber ring around it, which makes the chances of spilling even lesser.


  • The lid significantly reduces the chances of a beverage spill
  • Rotatable handle is convenient for drinking from the cup
  • Safe with other appliances in your kitchen – like dishwasher and microwave
  • Super lightweight


  • One of the most expensive ones among competitor products
  • Only a single handle – may not offer the stability offered by dual handles

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Enjoying a cup of coffee on a cool Saturday afternoon is probably on every individual’s to-do list. A Parkinson’s friendly cup goes a long way to tick that off for elderly people affected by the disease.

It is a great investment that significantly reduces your frustration or the chances of spillage of your drink and should be a part of every Parkinson’s patient’s kitchen cupboard.


  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3003756/
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