Can You Rent An Upright Walker?

Everyone cannot afford an upright walker. But can you rent an upright walker?

After their coverage on TV, upright walkers are in high demand.

The elderly like to use them because they can walk straight without bending or hunching down, which helps maintain posture. This reduces the likelihood of joint pain or back pain, which is a common problem associated while walking with traditional walkers.

But one sad thing is that Upright Walkers are expensive, making it difficult for many elderly people to purchase from the market. Unfortunately, Upright walkers are not covered by Medicare either.

But is it possible to get an upright walker without having to pay too much? After all, if you choose a traditional walker just for the sake of money, then you might be playing with your back’s health, and it is never a good idea. Each time you bend while walking, you will suffer from back pain. So, don’t invest money in those traditional walkers.

Well, renting an Upright walker is an excellent option. But the question everyone wants to know is: Can you rent an upright walker? So, in this article, I will discuss Upright walkers and how you can rent them. But before I do, let us talk a bit more about them.


Best Upright Walkers For Seniors


What Is An Upright Walker?

In traditional walkers, you have to bend forward to walk or stand, which causes poor posture and back pain. But thanks to technology, now you have upright walkers in the market. Here you can walk in an upright position while walking or standing.

In an upright walker, you will find four wheels that you can easily grip on the road. You can lock the wheels to move in a straight direction or keep them free for 360-degree rotation. 

There is a movable seat, and you can sit on that seat whenever you get tired, just like normal rollators. The movable seat also has an upright back support, which will keep your spine straight—there is a separate place to keep some beverages or water bottles. There is even a bag in which you can carry various personal items. If you want a more in-depth discussion of upright walkers versus traditional walkers, we wrote a separate article about it.

In brief, I will say these upright walkers can keep you healthy and aid you in maintaining an independent life.

You can find some good options to buy Upright Walkers here: 8 Best Upright Walkers for Seniors.

Why Should You Use An Upright Walker?

When people grow older, their joints become stiff, and the strength of the muscles decreases— the resilience of your arms also goes down. I often hear people complain about back pain or knee joint pain. The pain becomes so severe that they cannot walk properly. 

They need some assistance to move from one place to another. That is when doctors recommend rollators and walkers for them. But in ordinary walkers, you have to bend forward, which will affect your posture. You are keeping your spine bent. So you may have severe back pain if you use your walker regularly, which is why you should prefer to use an upright walker.

Does Medicare Pay For Upright Walker

An upright walker can keep your back straight while walking or standing, which helps relieve the aches to some extent, and you can independently go to malls, shops, parks, or any desired place.


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What Are The Five Benefits Of Upright Walker?

An upright walker has a lot of advantages. I have listed them below.

#1.Reduces Stress

When you use a traditional walker for walking, you have to lean forward, which will cause joint pain and back pain and increase your stress level. But when you use an upright walker, it reduces stress and improves your health. In short, I will say it helps you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

#2.Reduces Pain

You often hear from doctors that motion is a lotion for older adults who constantly complain about joint pain. When you move physically from one place to another, then it prevents the joint from becoming stiff. Even your muscles don’t get tight. When you walk with an Upright walker, your joints will have to keep your back straight. Consequently, it will decrease your joint pain and back pain.

Best Upright Walkers For Seniors

#3. Walk Longer Distance

As older adults will have any joint pain or back pain while walking in an upright walker, they can walk longer distances. When you walk more, it slows down your aging process and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can even fold the upright walker and can carry it anywhere.

#4.Gives You Freedom

The upright walker gives you the freedom to go to the neighborhood or attend social events independently. You can go alone to nearby grocery stores or other places with the help of an upright walker.

#5. Prevents Accidents

In a traditional walker, you lean forward and walk. As a result, you cannot see any obstruction, and that leads to accidents. But in an upright walker, you walk straight to see the obstructions better and take preventive actions immediately.


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Renting An Upright Walker

Finally, let me answer the question at hand: “Can you rent an upright walker? The answer is yes; you can rent it.

Upright walkers are a bit expensive, which everyone cannot afford. Many websites allow you to rent an upright walker and pay the money every week or monthly. Some such websites are: 

If you want to rent an upright walker from a local store, you can choose Littleton medical supply store in Colorado, US, or Parker Medical Equipment, also in Colorado, US. You can rent services both offline as well as online.

Renting can be quite affordable; it may cost you as low as $15 a day, depending on the walker’s condition. You don’t have to pay a hefty amount at one time. It enables you to spend money on the upright walker in installments.


Can You Rent An Upright Walker?



An upright walker is beneficial to sick and older people who want support while walking. Again if you don’t have sufficient money to buy the upright walker, you should not feel depressed or sad. 

You can rent a good walker from various websites and pay the website in installments. Never compromise your health over money. An upright walker can give you a healthy and independent lifestyle. 

So, if you need assistance while walking or using a traditional walker, buy an Upright walker today and post your pictures. I will be glad to see them.


Happy Walking!