Best Vibration Plate Machine for Home Use

We have reviewed the best vibration plate machines for home use in this article. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot. Or you can scroll down for detailed product reviews.

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What is a vibration plate machine?

A vibration plate machine, as the name suggests, uses vibrations to exercise the muscles of your body. In a normal exercise routine, your muscles may contract and relax 1-2 times per 30 to 60 seconds period.

However, a vibration machine helps to contract and expand your muscles almost 30 to 50 times a minute. This causes the impact of your normal exercise routine to multiply several times thus giving you more complete and effective work. 

A vibration machine is a great time saver since you need to spend very little time to get the same benefit of exercise as a normal workout routine. Vibration machines can be used to burn fat, grow muscles, reduce the impact of injury, and even heal wounds by improving blood flow.

The video below shows full body work out you can do with your vibration plate machine.

Vibration Plate Exercises for Total Body Workout (With Resistance Bands)

Does a vibration plate machine work?

While there is a lot of research being done on the topic, there is already enough material to show that even stationary vibration exercises are a genuine way to increase bone density and muscles strengthening1 apart from increasing range of motion in geriatrics.

Studies2 have also shown that vibration therapy shows similar results as a normal exercise in stimulating metabolism type 2 diabetes patients.

While the impact of vibration exercises may not be as much as touted by marketers and manufacturer there is no doubt that experts agree that there are some benefits of vibration.

How much should you use a vibration plate?

It is recommended to workout at least two to three times a week for 30 minutes on the vibration plate to get the maximum benefit of the exercise. do not that it is often said that 10 minutes of exercise on vibration plates is equivalent to 60 minutes of normal exercise because of the extremely fast contraction and relaxation of muscles that happen due to stress exercising. therefore one should be cautious while using these exercise machines.

What to look for in a good Vibration plate machine?

Vibration type

Vibration plate machine can be either tri-planar or oscillating.  in oscillating machines there is a central point around which the machine oscillates with one and rising above the other and then going down like a children’s seesaw.  these type of machines are used more for weight loss and calorie burn

The other type of vibration machine simulates the motion of Jumping up and down while remaining steady in the same spot. These machines typically offer faster vibrations and are more useful for increasing bone density and improving muscles.

Newer vibration plate machines offer both types of vibrations and also any effective combination of the vibrations as well so that you can customize your exercise program based on your need and the intensity of exercise that you are comfortable with.


Most vibration plate machines have settings for increasing or decreasing the number of vibrations, which help to decide the level of intensity with which you will be exercising.

One should be sure to buy a machine which offers the maximum range of vibration settings so that you can use it as per your level of confidence and the type of exercise that you need and also be sure that the machine will be useful if tomorrow you want to up the ante or bring it down a notch.

Number of Presets

Most vibration machines come with preset exercise settings which can help you tune your exercise schedule if you are a beginner or else immediately hook you up with the appropriate schedule and intensity depending upon the level at which you currently are.

Therefore it’s a good idea to buy a machine with several options of pre-set levels so that you can choose as per your needs and don’t have to keep setting up the machine every time you exercise. 


Vibration machines come in different shapes and sizes. Ideally one should choose the right size so that the machine is easy to handle, portable, and at the same time offers complete convenience in doing any kind of exercise that you want to without hindering other objects in the room or creating a nuisance.


Vibration machines can be noisy because of how the machine moves. If you live in a small apartment or are living with roommates, or in an area where there are several other apartments close by this can be an inconvenience. Try to choose a machine that limits the sound. Several machines come with suction cups or rubber padding at the bottom to reduce the level of sound as well


Many machines come with several accessories to help optimize the use of the vibration effect such as loop bands, and resistance bands. Some machines offer remote control as well so that you can set the intensity of the exercise without having to bend down and reach the plate.  Some machines also offer the same remote in a convenient wrist band formed.

Many other vibration machines also offer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to be able to connect your mobile phone through apps. You can download and use the data of the machine as well as integrate it with data from other exercise machines that you may be using.

If you are one to like gadgets, you might want to check out such accessories in the product that you are trying

Best vibration plate machine for home use

#1 LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

The LifePro Waver is one of the best vibration plate exercise machines available in the market and it is our top choice for you to consider. One of its best features is that it has settings in a huge range of 1 to 99 which allow the user to set the vibration plate as per their level of exercise and their convenience.

Apart from this, the LifePro waver is extremely user-friendly. It has a convenient display and remote control so that you can exercise in peace without having to keep changing the settings during your workout. Another great feature is access to a large video library of exercise videos and Pro tips on how to lose weight efficiently and effectively.

The vibration plate is easily portable with a wheel and handles inbuilt. You can carry it around or stow away when you don’t need it. Another nice feature is the presence of anti-slip rubber pads on the bottom as well as the top of the machine 


  • Easy to use remote control and LCD
  • 99 speed-settings To modulate your exercise as per your level of convenience
  • Easy to move and store way with wheels and handle
  • Free exercise videos and workout tips


  • A few customers complained that the machine stops working after a few days

LifePro Vibration Plate...
7,158 Reviews
LifePro Vibration Plate...
  • BUILD MUSCLE. IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS & FLEXIBILITY - No matter who you are you deserve to feel great and have a healthy lean physique. Jump on your fitness platform to instantly begin sculpting the body and booty of your dreams! The Waver creates a full-body vibration that stimulates musculature causing extra muscle contraction and increased activation at all stages of your workout!
  • LOSE WEIGHT BURN FAT & CELLULITE - The benefits you'll get from your vibration platform go far beyond building muscle - boost your metabolism and improve circulation to burn unwanted fat increase bone density & suppress joint stress levels. In addition to your yoga straps our resistance bands make the perfect at-home gym cardio bundle to tone and strengthen your upper and lower body.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN. USER-FRIENDLY DISPLAY. MULTI-SPEED. With a wide range of speed settings from 1 to 99 you can maximize your workouts regardless of your ability level. For your convenience wheels are attached are for easy maneuverability and storage. With our easy to use display screen and remote control you'll get the most efficient results in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • SPECIAL BONUSES. ONLINE PROFESSIONAL TRAINER MANUAL & EBOOK - When purchasing our product we at LifePro want you to receive as much value as possible. We have designed our manual to be extremely user-friendly. In addition With each purchase you get instant access to free online workout videos that offer instructions and ideas from professional coaches that will help you along the way to get fit lose weight and recover from injuries.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY. 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. – We've PROVEN & TESTED our products for comfort and durability you can enjoy our Vibration Plate and Bands absolutely RISK-FREE. LifePro's mission is to develop premium & safe home exercise equipment to help you lead a healthier & better lifestyle with 100% customer satisfaction.

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#2 Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform

The confidence fitness slim full body vibration platform is not just a vibration machine but a complete vibration system with support railings and a yoga belt to effectively burn fat and cellulose in your body. Due to this reason, this machine is slightly more expensive than the other options on this list. 

on the other hand, this system is very user friendly with a good LCD And 50-speed settings so that you can customize your exercise. The vibration machine has three inbuilt exercise programs and a heart monitor. This design is more compact than most of the other vibration machines on this list.


  • This is a complete vibration machine system. it has inbuilt exercise yoga belt and hand railings
  • 50 speed-settings
  • Compact design
  • Three inbuilt exercise programs and heart monitor


  • Several users complain that the machine broke down after the one year warranty period.


Confidence Fitness Slim Full...
3,294 Reviews
Confidence Fitness Slim Full...
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves general fitness
  • Increases bone density; Combats cellulite
  • If you suffer from joint problems, have a heart condition or use a pacemaker, we recommend seeking medical advice before using a vibration trainer

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#3 LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate

The Rumblex 4D is one of the most complete vibration plate machines available in the market and is therefore also one of the most expensive ones. This machine can give you a 4D exercise experience with different modes such as lateral movement, oscillating motion, swaying motion, 4D spirals, and any combination of the above 3. 

This machine comes with awesome accessories such as 2 loop bands, 4 resistance bands,  a remote watch, and a complete library of videos and Pro tips along with online help on exercise and weight loss tips.

Like other products from Life Pro this machine also has anti-slip rubber pads on its legs as well as on the top surface to avoid any slippage while exercising. it comes in a compact design and is quite lightweight.


  • 4D exercise modes
  • Great accessories
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Safe and durable


  • Expensive
  • Few users complaint that the machine conked off after using for a few weeks


LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration...
2,413 Reviews
LifePro Rumblex 4D Vibration...
  • THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE VIBRATING PLATFORM ON THE MARKET: Whether you’re looking to improve bone density, lose fat, build muscle tone, recover from an injury or surgery, or relieve chronic pain, the Rumblex makes the perfect partner. Amongst its many benefits, this whole body vibrating platform calms the nervous system, greatly improves bone density, and strengthens your core for greater balance. Get all the benefits of a therapy session from the comfort and convenience of your home.
  • RECOVERY, FULLY LOADED: The Rumblex comes with everything you need to make your recovery journey a success. Lifepro’s Guiding Angel program offers real, LIVE support, plus access to a comprehensive library of hands-on training videos. Included with the platform accessories and features that take your workout to the next level, from a watch remote, to built-in Bluetooth speakers that stream your favorite workout tunes, to an exercise mat and 4 bonus resistance bands, and more!
  • RELIEF, REHABILITATION, & REPAIR: The Rumblex delivers efficient and gentle Whole Body Vibrations (WBV), waking muscles throughout the body and increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles. This, in turn, enhances your body’s built-in ability to regenerate cells and repair itself. Relief is felt from the first session, and continued, regular use builds up muscle tone, protecting nerves and bones, relieving chronic pain, repairing old injuries, and providing greater range of motion
  • 3 TOP-OF-THE LINE MOTORS, 7 TRAINING MODES: We built the Rumblex with 3 robust motors that deliver 4 dimensions of therapeutic vibrations. Depending on your injury and recovery goals and what you find most comfortable, you can choose between 3 distinct motions or any combination and pairing of the 3.
  • A LIFETIME OF RECOVERY: Every platform bearing our name undergoes rigorous scrutiny to make sure it delivers on power and efficacy and a built-in 100% lifetime warranty so you’re never left hanging.

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#4 Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform

The Pinty fitness vibration platform is made from ABS shell which gives it stability and durability. The design is not only ergonomic but also avoids overload of the machine. It has 99 vibration modes, making it one of the most versatile vibration machines on the market.

It is ultra-sleek in design and quite thin and compact as well as easy to move around due to wheels that are fixed at its base and pulling lever available on its body.

This vibration machine is very low on noise and is extra stable due to the suction cups in its base.


  • Stable and durable
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 99 vibration speeds
  • Sleek yet anti-slip
  • Low noise


  • Several users complaint about damages  while shipping


Pinty Fitness Vibration...
670 Reviews
Pinty Fitness Vibration...
  • ABS shell for durability and sturdiness, ergonomic design, anti-static and anti-overload device, load capacity up to 265 lbs., LED display to show time, speed and fat at the same time
  • Adjustable vibration speed (1 to 99, with 99 having the maximum intensity) to suit different needs, remote easily controls the speed at the click of a button, and 10 minutes on this vibration platform equals 1 hour of jogging
  • Sleek design and ultra-thin (5.5 in.) blends well into any décor, non-skid feet for extra stability and security during operation, comes with wheels for easy transport and storage
  • Quiet operation, will not disturb you from watching TV shows, and comes with two detachable resistance bands to work out your arms and upper body; a manual to guide you through the appropriate process to achieve the ultimate results
  • Increases balance & coordination, promotes blood circulation, increases muscle tone, improves your body flexibility, and relieves backache by decompressing the spine, multiple colors to choose from

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#5 Bluefin Fitness Vibration Platform

W pen fitness vibration platform is one of the most value for money vibration machines on this list. It has great features at an attractive price that will stop some of the key features include 180 vibration modes for or completely customized exercise, a large LCD, and remote control to be able to adjust the machine without having to stop your exercise.

The machine connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can play your favorite music as well while exercising. The machine has a sleek and compact design and can be stored easily and moved around the house as per your convenience.


  • Great value for money
  • 180 vibration mode the maximum available in the market
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Large LCD with remote


  • A few users complained that the machine was noisy


Bluefin Fitness Vibration...
250 Reviews
Bluefin Fitness Vibration...
  • LATEST UPGRADED MODEL - lose weight fast with the ultimate vibration plate on the market
  • 180 LEVELS WITH 5 BUILT IN PROGRAMMES INCLUDED - Built in programmes specifically target weight loss and toning
  • LATEST VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY TO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT FAST. UPGRADED SILENT DRIVE MOTOR WITH 2500 WATT PEAK POWER - Package includes: Vibration plate, cords, remote, workout poster and instructions
  • LOSE BODY FAT AND INCREASE MUSCLE MASS - 10 minutes on this machine is the equivalent to 1 hour in the gym

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#6 BARWING 4D Vibration Platform

This is another feature-packed 4D vibration platform which has 99-speed settings, 16 inbuilt exercise programs, and many other premium features.

The machine has 7 vibration modes on top of three Motors working independently to give you oscillation, linear, and microwave modes.

The machine has a large beautiful LCD and remote control for connectivity.


  • 7 vibration modes with three Motors
  • 16 inbuilt exercise programs
  • Compact and lightweight


  • The  machine’s cord is not secure in the device Port


BARWING 4D Vibration Plate...
119 Reviews
BARWING 4D Vibration Plate...
  • 【7 VIBRATION MODES】Vibration plate adopt 3 super power motors work independently or drive work together, free match the Oscillation, Linear and Micro wave modes, provide you 7 different combined vibration modes giving you a complete fitness experience.
  • 【99 SPEEDS & 16 PROGRAMS & 35MINS】16 The vibration platform exercise machine wide range speed settings from 1 to 99 , satisfied most exercise intensity. Built-in 16 automatic programs, providing you professional sports experience. The longest single exercise time can reach to 35 minutes instead of 10 minutes, no longer need to restart the machine after 10 minutes, of course you can pause or start at any time.
  • 【WEIGHT LOSE AND ALLEVIATE PAIN】Exercise with the vibration plate, in addition to losing weight and shaping, enhance blood circulation and balance are all available. More importantly, it can also help you alleviate pain, which is very suitable for use at home.
  • 【LCD DISPLAY AND REMOTE CONTROL】The touch screen and remote control can visualize your exercise data, making it easier to keep exercising. With 2 resistance bands, you can unlock postures and exercise your upper body more efficiency.
  • 【BUY WITH CONFIDENCE】Order today and get the full range of purchase support from the BARWING team. So that you can buy and use with ease!

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While the notion of standing still to exercise your body might have sounded laughable a few years ago today vibration machines have proved that it is entirely possible.

There is a decent body of work that shows that vibrations that lead to stress exercising of muscles by making them contract and relax quickly in a very short duration lead to an improvement in bone density, an increase of muscle weight, weight loss and improved metabolism, while also increasing the output of other exercises that you may be doing on top of the vibration plate machine.

In this article, we have listed some of the best Vibration plates in the market as per the factors that we laid out in our buyer’s guide in the first section of the piece. Our choice for the best vibration machine is the LifePro Waver, based on the cost-benefit analysis of its features and price as compared to others.

Lastly, kindly consult with your doctor or medical practitioner before trying on any new exercise machine or mechanism, especially if you are either pregnant or suffer from any kind of cardiac disorder.

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