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We have reviewed the best stunt stand for cheerleading. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 5

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Stunt Stand Cheerleading Balance &...
Multiple Configurations?
Adjustable Height?
Single/Co-Ed/All-girl stunts?
Tumbl Trak Fly Right Cheer Stunting...
Multiple Configurations?
Adjustable Height?
Single/Co-Ed/All-girl stunts?
The Beam Store High Flyer Adjustable...
Multiple Configurations?
Adjustable Height?
Single/Co-Ed/All-girl stunts?
Balance Trainer – Resilite Gymnastics,...
Multiple Configurations?
Adjustable Height?
Single/Co-Ed/All-girl stunts?
ZIBY Stunt Training Stand Cheerleading...
Multiple Configurations?
Adjustable Height?
Single/Co-Ed/All-girl stunts?
Best Value
Juperbsky Stunt Training Stand,...
Multiple Configurations?
Adjustable Height?
Single/Co-Ed/All-girl stunts?

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Do Cheerleaders Need Stunt Stand?

Professional cheerleading is a very competitive sport these days. Probably the most difficult position in the cheerleading group is that of the flyer.

If you aim to be an Elite flyer and take it up as a full-time profession, you need to be a lot more involved than just a few cheerleading camps during the year and practice during school or gym.

One of the most important nuances of becoming a professional cheerleader is to gather the right equipment, which will help you train and get the proper flexibility and balance that is needed to do the highly involved stunts that a flyer does.

Competition in the cheering world is fierce; you need to be a step ahead whenever you step out on the podium and perform those amazing stunts.

You don’t want to end up getting point deductions due to niggling technique issues that could have effortlessly ironed out with that little bit of additional practice at home.

A cheerleader’s stunt stand can be an excellent aid to give you that extra practice that will help you perfect your stunts so that you can perform brilliantly every time you go on to the stage.

best stunt stand for cheerleading

What Are the Benefits of Having a Stunt Stand?


Cheerleader stunts can be dangerous. The flyer probably has the most challenging job out of the entire cheerleading group. In order to perform once stunts properly, a flyer needs to have perfect balance as well as flexibility; and complete command over technique. 

In order to perfect your technique well as practice rigorously, you need to have a safe environment that replicates the conditions of actual cheerleading while giving you the comfort and safety of being close to the ground, and therefore a lower chance of injury in case of a fall or accident.

A stunt stand is a perfect device for you to practice all your stunts without getting worried about injuring yourself.


Over the years, cheerleading has become a highly technical sport. Each stunt requires perfect precision and complete mastery and command over the technique required to perform that stunt. 

Mastering the stunt requires a lot of practice, much more than what you can get with your group. You need to be able to try out your stunts in a regular routine at home as well to get every action perfect. 

A Stunt stand can help you practice every nuance and technical detail several times at your own leisure and pace, while in the comfort of your home.


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Are you toeing or heeling too much in your liberty stand? Are you letting your left knee turn out, instead of keeping it in the front? Errors in technique tend to get overlooked in a group because there isn’t enough focus on each individual’s performance; the focus is on the whole act as one. 

If you want to iron out those kinks in your technique, you need to do them on your own time while observing yourself without others disturbing you.

A Stunt Stand gives you the flexibility to observe your own performance, understand the reason for your errors, and correct them in peace and quiet when you are focusing solely on yourself.


Getting the right balance is all about weight distribution. The training stand is a perfect device to help you practice the right weight distribution by locking one leg and holding yourself up. 

You can practice your positions as many times as you want without having to depend on your teammates. Practicing every day can really create wonders for your weight distribution and balance when you are performing live.


There is a large variety of exercises that can help you to improve your flexibility by combining your stunt stand along with stretch straps. By regularly working on these exercises, you can improve the range of body motion and enhance flexibility in joints and muscles.

best stunt stand trainer

Core strength

Practicing your tricks regularly can help you improve your core strength, making it easier for you to perform your stunts when you are live in action.


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What Features Are Important In the Best Stunt Stand for Cheerleading

Stunt training products have evolved over the last few years to become a favorite gadget for aspirants in making a career out of cheerleading.

Therefore, the features have also evolved rapidly, and now several features are available in the latest models available, which should be considered before making a final buying decision.

Multiple configurations

If you are buying a stunt trainer with the intent of practicing different types of flyer stunts then you should look at a device which is capable of supporting multiple configurations, a different set of stunts of varying intensity and level, and as those that can be performed as a single person, co-ed or all-girl stunt.

The stunt trainer should have configurable parts so that you can adjust it as per the stunt that you are looking to fine-tune your technique in.

Height adjustability

Cheerleaders come in all shapes and sizes. You yourself will grow taller height and higher weight as your age progresses. If you want a product that can be used over a longer term, consider buying a trainer who has the capability to adjust itself as per the height of the user.


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You would want to use your stunt trainer in various locations, including your home, your gym, and possibly even the ground. Therefore, it would make sense to buy a strong trainer which is lightweight and easy to carry around since you don’t want to be lugging it everywhere with you.

Safety features

Safety is another very important aspect of a stunt trainer. Stunts are dangerous and any equipment that you are using to practice them needs to have all safety features built-in so that you can practice your craft with ease of mind. 

Look for a stunt training device that has a very stable base, rubber tips at the bottom for extra grip, anti-slip balancing footrest, rounded edges, and no metallic for wooden parts


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Best Stunt Stand for Cheerleading

#1 Stunt Stand Cheerleading Balance & Flexibility Stunt Training Equipment

Stunt Stand is One of the most trusted and respected brands in the business of cheerleading equipment. The product itself is based on years of research and hard work after observing cheerleaders perform their best stunts and the practice and support that they require in order to do them.

Stunt Stand Cheerleading Balance & Flexibility Stunt Training Equipment

The training equipment itself has five adjustable inserts that allow you to practice many kinds of cheerleading stunts including all girls stunts co-ed and one-man shows as well.

Due to the adjustable inserts, the equipment is flexible enough to support any size of foot any flyer size, and all levels of flyer stunt difficulty.

One of the best things in this training recruitment is that there is a lot of support material and training videos available online which show you how to use the equipment in order to practice the exercises that you need and to get the results that you want.

The equipment does not use any kind of metal or wood and therefore it is completely safe. You do not risk getting injured after falling down from this equipment at all.


  • The Stunt stand training equipment has five adjustable inserts that help you practice most of your cheerleading exercises.
  • You can do single, co-ed and all-girl stunts on this training equipment.
  • There are a lot of support videos and training material available online on how to use this equipment. 
  • Does not involve any metal or wooden parts, thereby minimizing any risk of injury
  • Stunt stand is a very trustworthy and respected brand in this market


  • The jury is still out on the experience of performing these stunts live with a cheerleader group instead of doing them at home. A few people find this experience uncomfortable
  • One user complained that the rubber pieces at the bottom of the stand are falling out.

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#2 Tumbl Trak Fly Right Cheer Stunting Trainer

The Tumbl Trak Fly Right Cheer Stunting Trainer is Another great training equipment that helps you practice maintaining your balance while in a flying position with the help of rigid springs mounted atop a durable powder-coated steel platform.

Tumbl Trak Fly Right Cheer Stunting Trainer

The platforms are covered with the textured material made of rubber, which provides additional grip for the user who is practicing. The edges of the platform are also covered with soft rubber to avoid injury and ensure safety.

The training equipment has the facility to adjust the height between three different levels 12-inch, 15-inch, and 18-inches. Cheerleaders of all ages can use this equipment to fine-tune their technique and enhance their balance. The product can handle weights of up to around 150 pounds. 


  • Health practice technique and maintain balance with a realistic spring action  that feels just like the hands of your cheerleading team
  • The springs are mounted at top powder-coated Steel platform which is durable yet lightweight
  • The platform is covered with the textured rubber material, and the edges are also covered with soft rubber to minimize safety risks
  • The product has three possible height levels so that cheerleaders of all ages can train on this device.


  • The product is a bit heavy and difficult to lift for someone who is very young
  • It is really expensive for beginners set and should be considered only if you are looking for advanced training equipment

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#3 The Beam Store High Flyer Adjustable Stunt Cheer Stand

The Beam Store High Flyer Adjustable Stunt Cheer Stand has a 24 x 24 X 1/4 inch steel base which gives a very good stability for your stunt training exercises.

The Beam Store High Flyer Adjustable Stunt Cheer Stand

The trainer has a rubber mat protected footrest for your balance exercises to give you extra grip. It has three height adjustment modes between 16 and 23 inches. 

The entire steel frame has been welded and therefore give this product ultimate durability and stability while doing your training exercises.

The bottom surface also has a rubber grip to ensure no slippage while you do your stunts. It is very economically priced as compared to the previous two stunt trainers, even though it offers similar features.


  • Stable, lightweight and extremely effective in balance training exercises
  • Rubber grip surface for extra traction while practicing your balancing
  • Improves core strength and ankle strength
  • Priced economically as compared to its peers
  • Solid, all-steel construction for high durability
  • Height adjustable between 16 and 23 inches so as to be suitable for cheerleaders of all ages 


  • No spring action for replicating the balance base in an actual cheerleading stunt
  • All steel construction makes it durable, but it can also be dangerous in case of a fall

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#4 Balance Trainer – Resilite Gymnastics, Cheer, and Sports Equipment

The ZIBY Stunt Training Stand Cheerleading Fly Right Stunting Balance Trainer An incredibly useful device for improving balance in young cheerleading stunt trainees.

Balance Trainer – Resilite Gymnastics, Cheer, and Sports Equipment

There is a 9 X 20-inch stable foundation with a black rubber-based top of size 4 X 8-inches which is meant to improve balance while improving your core strength and ankle stability.

This is a very lightweight balance trainer which is covered on the outside within no slipped Vinyl fabric that is so stable that there is no risk of tipping over for any wobble while training. 

The inside of the base is made of high-density polyethylene foam, which is an extremely durable material.


  • Very stable, lightweight and durable product
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Improves balance core strength and ankle stability
  • Very fairly priced as compared to other stunt trainers
  • The product has a very sturdy construction and can hold quite a heavyweight 


  • Does not have the flexible movable parts which allow stunt trainee to practice multiple types of stunt 
  • Does not have an adjustable height for different ages of stunt trainees

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#5 ZIBY Stunt Training Stand Cheerleading Fly Right Stunting Balance Trainer

The ZIBY Stunt Training Stand Cheerleading Fly Right Stunting Balance Trainer is a training stand meant for basic training. It does not include any movable components or Springs which can replicate the action of your cheerleading team.

ZIBY Stunt Training Stand Cheerleading Fly Right Stunting Balance Trainer

However, for the given price, this product is an extremely good base for conducting your basic stunt training exercises. It is composed of a pyramid-shaped balance trainer with rubber tips that make this product anti-slip on a variety of floors, including hardwood and tile.

Apart from the rubber tips, the base also has rounded edges to make it completely safe for use. It is light in weight and can be easily carried around so that you can use it both at your home as well as in the gym or ground where you practice with your team. 

There is no metallic or wooden part used in this trainer which makes it an even safer product for your training exercises


  • Stable and anti-slip base meant for basic training exercises
  • Rounded edges, rubber tips make this device anti-slip and safe to use
  • No metal of wood is used in the construction of this trainer, therefore no risk of getting injured or scratching yourself
  • Economical choice
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Does not have springs or other movable parts that can mimic the action of your cheerleader team
  • Cannot practice multiple forms of training on this device like Co-ed, single and all girls

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#6 Juperbsky Stunt Training Stand

The Juperbsky Stunt Training Stand is Specifically designed for balance hold stunts. It is an extremely durable product made from high-density polyethylene foam which is covered in 18-ounce Vinyl fabric.

Juperbsky Stunt Training Stand

The base is very small and easy to carry around due to its lightweight, which means that you can use it both of home as well as at school and in the ground or gym. It is a safe training stand which has no metal or wooden parts thereby reducing any risk of injury


  • Lightweight, easy to carry around
  • Made from durable high-density polyethylene foam
  • No metal or wood used in its construction, thus minimum chances of injury
  • Meant specifically for balance hold stunts
  • Economically priced
  • Available in purple and pink


  • The height is low for taller cheerleaders 
  • Cannot be used for multiple training exercises

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A stunt training stand can be a perfect companion for you to practice your balance as well as all your strength training exercises at home, At the comfort of your own face hand with the complete focus on your technique as well as improving your strength and removing your weaknesses.

Stunt trainer stands not only e help you to focus more on your balancing technique but also improve your core strength and enhance your ankle strength thereby enhancing your holding capacity and giving you a good opportunity to practice all your stunts several times before performing them in front of a live audience.

In this article, we have found out the best stunt stand for cheerleading based on the features mentioned in our buyer’s guide and the ratings and comments mentioned by actual users on Amazon. 

In our opinion, the Stunt Stand Cheerleading Balance &...   is the best choice among the various options that we have considered because of its versatility in providing configurations for practicing all kinds of training exercises from beginner to expert level, and from single-handed to co-ed to all-girl configurations.

Height-adjustability and several safety features such as rubber tipped base, rounded edges, and absence of any metallic or wooden parts make it an even more attractive product. The fact that the company is very well respected and is one of the pioneers of stunt training equipment adds more credence to the product as well.

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the Juperbsky Stunt Training Stand,... , which offers great value and features at a very reasonable price point.

This product is meant specifically for those who are focusing on balance hold stunts. It is very safe, easy to use, lightweight, durable, and has anti-slip grips for extra safety.

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