Best Roller Skates for Wide Feet – Quad and Inline

Finding the right roller skate for yourself can be tricky. Now if you have wide feet, you may find it even trickier to find a suitable wide width roller skate.

The main reason for that is the boots of roller skates tend to be fairly rigid to maximize protection while skating. The boot of a standard roller skate will not stretch and adjust if your feet are wider than most people.

There are few manufacturers and options when it comes to good roller skates for wide feet. It is a smaller market that not too many companies focus on. 

In this article, we discuss why it is important to find roller skates that fit well if you have wide feet. We also review some of the best roller skates for wide feet available on the market.

The table below gives a quick snapshot of our top selections. We go into detailed reviews down below, along with tips for how to pick the best wide feet roller skates for yourself.

  • Toe Stop: Fixed
  • Trucks: Double action adjustable aluminum trucks
  • Plates: Aluminum
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  • Toe Stop: Adjustable
  • Trucks: Alloy trucks
  • Plates: Fiber reinforced composite 20 degree plate
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  • Toe Stop: Fixed
  • Trucks: Double action trucks
  • Plates: Nylon Plates
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  • Toe Stop: Fixed
  • Trucks: Double action trucks
  • Plates: Nylon plates
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Importance of Finding Skates that Fit Well on Wide Feet?

We want to find skates that fit our feet well if we have wider feet. If you try to force fit wider than normal feet into the boot of a narrow roller skate on a regular basis, apart from discomfort, you are looking at foot conditions like metatarsalgia (pain of the ball of the feet), blisters between toes, toe structural deformities like bunions and hammer toe, and long-term cartilage loss in the joints of the toes and feet..

Getting a comfortable pair of roller skates for wide feet also means that you will be able to better maintain your balance while skating. 

To compensate for wider feet, many skaters tend to go for inline skates that are one (sometimes even two) sizes bigger. While it is a feasible temporary solution, too much wiggle room while skating is not good for balance or comfort.

The other issue with going a size up is that skate width does not vary by much as length, and we don’t want our feet to have the room the shuffle around when we skate, as this can increase risk of accidents.


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What to Look For When Buying Roller Skates for Wide Feet


You can always size up to accommodate length, but if you have wide feet, finding a pair of skates that are wide enough will be your primary objective. This is all the more important because width varies much less than length between sizes of skates.

So how do you know if you have got wide feet? Any foot wider than 4 1/16 inches at the widest point for a size 9 shoe is considered a wide foot by the manufacturer.

This is our first filter when selecting skates that are best fit for wide feet.


This is also a vital feature to look for in a roller skater before buying. Most of the roller skates have really great wheels initially, but they start wearing down after a while.

If you have wide feet, it is crucial for you to check that the roller skates you are buying have strong and sturdy wheels that can prove to be durable over many skating sessions.


Comfort and speed depend on the design of a roller skate. When selecting inline skates or quad skates for wide feet, look for ones made with soft and comfortable materials.

Additional ankle and heel support in its design will help minimize the chance of ankle injury. Additionally, look for lightweight roller skates. You are also looking for wide toe roller skates.

Another design feature to keep in mind is a streamlined shape, and smooth wheel bearings. These features will help your skates go faster.


The weight of the roller skate plays a significant role in the overall experience of your skating. One might think that lightweight roller skates should always be preferred over roller skates that are heavier, but in reality, this depends a lot on how you want to use the skate.

If you are more experienced or someone who likes faster skating, then lightweight roller skates are good for you. But if you are looking for more control (generally newer skaters), then roller skates that are slightly on the heavier side may be slower and easier to control.

roller skates for wide feet


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Most Comfortable Roller Skates for Wide Feet

For those of us with wider feet, it’s already a bit more hassle to shop for footwear for ourselves, as we need to look for shoes with expressly designed wider options or footwear that is designed a bit wider by default. 

When it comes to choosing a pair of comfortable roller skates for wide feet, there are not too many options to choose from. So without further ado, let us look at the top ones among them.

We will look at both, men’s wide roller skates and the best women’s roller skates for wide feet in the section below. We will first start with quad skates and then look at inline skates for wide feet.

#1 – Chicago Bullet – Best Roller Skates for Women with Wide Feet

When it comes to choosing the best men’s roller skates for wide feet, the Chicago Bullet Skate stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

Chicago Bullet Skate

The skate provides ample room for wide feet to fit in. It is a snug fit but otherwise, the Chicago Bullet Roller Skate scores very well on other features. This skate features a controlled low-cut boot for greater freedom of movement and high-quality laces giving maximum safety that keeps your feet comfortable and secure.

This quad skate for wide feet has urethane wheels that are 62mm in width. The wheels give stability and control on the ground as they have premium fixed axles and precision bearings. With these features, these skates are good for high-speed skating.

It is made with durable and dependable vinyl. Its easy lace closure system allows you to make proper adjustments conveniently and effortlessly while skating.

This roller skate’s dimensions are 5 x 14.6 x 16.3 inches, and it weighs 7 lbs.


  • This is a wide foot roller skate that is strategically designed for racing.
  • It features a controlled low-cut boot for greater freedom of movement.
  • The high quality laces provide maximum safety that keeps your foot comfortable and secure.


  • Some users reported that the stopper is not durable.

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#2 – Zoom Quad Wide Roller Skates

The Zoom Wide Roller Skates have a classic design. It is built using top quality material that provides plenty of comfort for the skater. The skate is broad enough to fit moderately wide feet.

Crazy Roller Skates

This lightweight skate designed for wide feet weighs only 6.4 lbs. The adjustable urethane toe stop does its work flawlessly – stopping you when you need to. 

The Zoom skates feature a comfortable boot that is padded with a short-cut, softly rolled collar that ensures a supportive and comfy fit.

The dimensions of this Zoom Roller Skates are 11.3 x 8.8 x 4.5 inches, and it weighs 6.4 lbs.


  • The Zoom features top-quality components selected for speed and ensures a smooth roll.
  • It has a padded boot that is comfortable and comes along with the shortcut, the collar is rolled ensuring a supportive and comfy fit.
  • It features fiber nylon plates that come with adjustable toe stops of pure urethane; they guarantee a responsive and stable user ride.


  • Some users have complained that it has a stiffer boot, potentially compromising its comfort a bit. However, we found the boot to be good enough as far as comfort is concerned.

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#3 – Epic Skates – Outdoor Roller Skates for Wide Feet

When it comes to outdoor skates for wide feet, Epic Skates’ Star Hydra is our top choice. Though, not the widest skate in this line up, like the previous option, it is good enough for those whose feet are a little wider than normal.  

Epic Skates Star Hydra

The Epic Star Hydra Roller Skates come with a sneaker design that provides extra ankle support along with top-of-the-line comfort. These roller skates are a great choice whether you are just starting out or are an intermediate skater.

For the style conscious, the skates include two pairs  of different colored laces. So you can have black or blue laces to go with this wide skate.

Epic star has taken care to make non-marking toe stops. You will not be “burning rubber” if you do a herd stop when skating fast. It also features comfortable padded collars, classic high-top shoe style, and increased ankle support.

These skates weigh in at only 5 lbs, one of the lightest pairs of wide skates in our lineup.

Beware though, they have a tapering design and are not fit for you if you are looking for wide toe roller skates.


  • It features a high top sneaker design providing extra ankle support.
  • Comfortable padded collars.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It features ABEC 3, 8mm Precision Speed bearings.


  • Its tapering design is not ideal if you are looking for wide-toe roller skates.

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#4 – Chicago Men’s Classic – Best Roller Skates for Men with Wide Feet

These roller skates are best for men with wide feet. Unlike its sister roller skate – Chicago Bullet,  Chicago Men’s Classic have a higher ankle profile boot. The skate has a broader design and is roomy enough for men with moderately to fairly wide feet.

Chicago Roller Skates

The higher profile design provides extra support for the ankle. Its speed hook/simple eyelet system for lacing that will allow the user to adjust fit.  The skates come with a design to help glide easier and can be a great pick for social skating.

The Chicago Men’s Classic skate provides optimum safety, designed with a controlled high top and high-quality laces, which keep your foot comfortable and secure.

The urethane wheels seem quite sturdy. They should hold up well against wear and tear while skating, especially when worn by men who weigh on the higher side. They are designed to provide control and traction. The bearings come with semi-precision control to keep your rolling fast and smooth.

In terms of weight, Chicago Men’s Classic really scores well. Weighing just 6.88 pounds for the pair, it is one of the lightest weight wide roller skate in our lineup.


  • These skates are very lightweight.
  • It has a high-top profile boot that supports your ankles.
  • The speed hook/simple eyelet system of lacing will allow you to adjust the fit as you like.
  • Strategically designed to help glide easier.
  • The urethane wheels hold up strongly against wear and tear while skating and help in providing control and traction.


  • The wheels are a little fragile.

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#5 – Epic Super Nitro Quad Roller Skate for Wide Feet

Bringing up the rear in our list of the best quad skates for wide feet is Epic Super Nitro Roller Skate. 

Epic Skates Super Nitro

It has a classic speed skate design with a speed strap and manmade uppers. The Epic nitro is both an indoor and outdoor speed skate.  The design is ideal for moderately wide feet.

The toe stopper is good for quick braking.


  • The Epic Roller Skate Super Nitro includes two pairs of laces.
  • It has a comfortable padded collar.
  • It has a classic speed skate design with a speed strap and manmade uppers.
  • It has ABEC-5 8mm precision speed bearings.
  • The Epic skates super nitro has nylon plates with double action trucks.


  • The toe tops are stiff.

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Best Inline Roller Skates

If quad skates are not your thing, then the other option is to go for inline skates. You might have seen skaters whose skates have two or four wheels in a single line instead of two wheels at the front and two at the back, which is the norm for quad skates. These are called inline skates

Inline skates have come a long way since they were first created by Rollerblade Inc. in the late ’80s. However, the concept remains essentially the same. Below are two of the best Inline Skates for wide feet.

#6 – Best Inline Skates for Wide Feet – Men: Bladerunner by Rollerblade Pro XT

TITLE_Bladerunner by Rollerblade Pro XT

Men looking for regular skates with rollerblades can go for these inline skates. These skates are highly supportive and easy to adjust because of their lace closure. Having lace closures is the best option if you have broader feet as one can easily adjust the skates according to your feet’s size. 

These skates have a solid aluminum framework which helps them to stride well. The skates come with 80mm wheels with ABEC 7 bearings that reduce wear and tear. This allows even newbie skaters to attain maximum speed. 

The skate boots have a molded shell design that provides extra support, and mesh liner fabric makes the shoes breathable and provides additional cushioning. With a rounded front frame, there is plenty of space for the foot to move. And further, the long tongue also makes the boots easy to wear. 

Further, the skates are designed to provide control for roller skating. The better the control on the skates, the more the new skaters will enjoy skating by maintaining body balance. There is a generous amount of padding around the legs that make the inline skates provide the perfect fit and do not allow feet and legs to get swollen up while skating. 


  • The wheel and the bearing design are perfect for new skaters.
  • The lace closure does not let you compromise on the movement and the fit.
  • There is an ample amount of cushioning effect that helps create a perfect fit and a protective feel.
  • These are high-quality skates that provide lateral support and make it comfortable to maintain proper body balance.
  • Skate boots are comfortable as well as easy to wear for wide feet skaters.


  • The brakes on the skates are removable; it needs to be fixed to provide support and ensure extra safety.
  • Wheels work great on smooth surfaces rather than on rough streets.


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#7 – Best Inline Skates for Wide Feet – Women: Roller Derby Button Skates

TITLE_Roller Derby Button Skates

These mint color skates are perfect for teenagers and women who are looking at comfort and style both. It is easy to adjust the skates with the help of a press button. Without the pressure of laces, one can use the skates with ease. It has cam lever buckles to keep you safe while skating. 

The skates can be easily adjusted up to four sizes as the toe box expands according to the foot’s size. Hence, these skates are perfect for women with wider feet. These skates have comfortable padding that makes them highly supportive for new skaters and skaters with wide feet.

Further, the 76 mm Urethane wheels are perfect for rolling outside as well as indoors. Five-speed carbon-bearing allows the user to cruise on the sidewalks with ease. The polymer framework is solid enough to help the skaters skate on any surface. It is vital as well as comfortable for teens, adults, and trained skaters.


  • These are highly adjustable pairs of skates as one can fix it up with a button click.
  • The mint color makes the skates look attractive.
  • The skates are lightweight, portable as well as perfect for both indoors and outdoor use.
  • Triple button closure makes the boots fit the users’ feet perfectly.
  • For skating for long distances smoothly, the skates have seven race-rated bearings.
  • Urethane wheels help glide smoothly on sidewalks and help dart around in speed.


  • Plastic stoppers make braking difficult for new skaters.
  • The inner padding can be improved so that wearing the skates for long hours does not hurt. 


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Do roller skates come in wide width?

As discussed in this article, skates do come in wide width. But wide roller skates are not nearly as common as standard ones. So if you are looking for roller skates for wide feet, look for the right design and fit. Comfort and safety while skating are important and the right fit will decide these factors.

Q. Do roller skates fit the same as shoes?

Typically, roller skate will fit similar to your normal shoe size. Importantly though, roller skates should fit as snug as possible without feeling discomfort. Loose-fitting skates will increase change of slippage and accidents if they allow for the feet to move around too much inside the boot. 

There are wide fit roller skates available for those with a wide foot; however, roller skating venues will not always have these available.

Q. If shoes are too narrow, I normally go up a size. Should I do this with skates too, if I have wide feet?

If you’re shopping for running shoes and a pair that catches your eye turns out to be too narrow for your feet, your first go-to solution would be to go up a half or full size if there are no wider widths available.

You could technically do the same with skates, but be aware that skating partly involves kicking forward, which may increase how much your feet shift within the skates. 

If you decide to go up a size, make sure you tie the laces up tight enough to minimize shifting of your feet.

Having said that, this solution can work for those with wide feet. It is likely that the skates that you have chosen are a snug fit anyway.

roller skates for wide feet

Q. What are the various types of roller skates, and how do they differ from one another?

There are four main types of roller skate wheels:

  • Speed Skates: These are designed to grip the skating floor and allow you to gain traction while gaining speed.
  • Artistic/Dance Skates: These are designed to be hard wheels that are not “grippy” to allow for the various dance-style moves in skating.
  • Outdoor Skates: These have a softer wheel and are designed in a manner to absorb uneven terrains like trails, sidewalks, boardwalks, and roads.
  • Derby Skates: These wheels are designed for the sport of Roller Derby. These allow the different positions in Derby to be able to go quickly, stop quickly, and go at fast speeds.

Q. What are the different components of a pair of roller skates?

Boot: The shoe of the skate. The skate shoe or skate boot can be leather or suede, though many contemporary roller skates use manmade, synthetic leathers. The boot of the skate can either have a high top or a low top. The rest of the boot is essentially identical to any other boot, with a softer inner lining, laces and eyelets, and a sturdy toe box.

Plate: The beginning of where roller skates differ from boots. To attach the boot to the wheels, roller skates have a sturdy plate attached to the underside of the boot. This plate is either constructed of metal, which are more durable, or nylon, which are lighter in weight.

Wheels: What makes a roller skate a roller skate. They consist of the skate wheels that encapsulate a wheel bearing. The quality and material of the wheels and the wheel bearings will determine whether you’ll have a smooth ride.

Toe Stop: A standout feature of roller skates is a big cork-shaped piece at the front underside of each skate, typically made of hard plastic. This can be used by the skater to slow down the skates, functioning as a form of brake. 

Q. How does the size of wheels affect the speed of your roller skates? 

The size of a skate’s wheels affects the speed of the roller skate because the larger wheels you will have, the more distance it can cover with less effort, as the effort required by you for one rotation of the wheel is the same and does not depend on the size of the wheels. Thus, roller skates with larger wheels can cover more area in less effort and less time compared to roller skates with small wheels.

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Parting Words – The Challenge of Wide Feet Extends to Skating

It can be tougher to find skates that fit wide feet than shoes or boots. But they’re out there and waiting for you to try on! In this article, we discussed why it’s so important that you roller skates fit you well if you have wide feet, focusing primarily on the fact that pressing wide feet into narrow skates can lead to all sorts of food ailments.

We also selected some of the best roller skates for wide feet based on the features mentioned in our buyer’s guide and the ratings and comments mentioned by real users on Amazon. 

In our opinion, the CHICAGO SKATES Bullet Men's Speed Roller...  is the best choice among the various options that we considered, due to its broad frame, comfort and speed.

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the Chicago Men's Classic Roller Skates -... , which offers great value and features at a very reasonable price point. 


If you are looking for a good way to transport yourself around without straining yourself too much, you can also try a segway: Best Segway for Adults.

Roller skating burns almost the same number of calories as running. If you are also into running, you might like to read about our articles on: Best Running Shoes for Seniors






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