Best Pill Boxes with Alarm

The article discusses different options for pillboxes, that are available in the market. We focus on the best pill boxes with alarm. If you are in a hurry, have a quick look at the snapshot below.

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Pill Box with Alarm

For most older adults and their caregivers, medication is an essential and huge part of their lives. On average, people aged over 65 take 14-18 prescription medications a year.

It is quite critical and important to ensure that you take your medicines exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Also, the medication regimens prescribed by the doctors are sometimes quite complicated.

Seniors run into some common issues while trying to adhere to their medication regimens. They sometimes forget to take their medicines on time or incorrectly take too many doses at once.

There is also a possibility of mixing up medications which can prove to be dangerous. In such scenarios, Pillboxes or Pill dispensers are an easy way to manage medication regimens.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Pillbox?

A Pillbox is an ideal solution for patients or caregivers to monitor their medication or multi-vitamin schedule. It allows monitoring the adherence to medication schedules and keeps the whole process worry-free.

It is great for patients who are living independently or staying in an assisted living facility. It is also useful for caregivers who are looking for a solution that is rich in features and helps in getting an easy yet accurate method of remembering the medications of their loved ones.

We are listing below some of the best options of pillboxes for you. Considering that taking your medication at the right time is of utmost importance, we are listing pillboxes that have an alarm functionality to remind you to take your medicines.


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#1 GMS 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser

The GMS 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser comes with a flashing light and a locked cover. It acts as a dosage reminder that can be programmed up to 6 alarm times daily.

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It features a 28 compartment tray with each compartment able to accommodate around 18 aspirin sized tablets. This allows you to fit all of your daily medications into the compartments quite easily.

The dispenser prevents you from missing any dosage by sounding off the alarm for 30 minutes or till the time you dispense the medications. It comes with 6 dosage rings.

You can thus pick the right ring for the specific dosage amount for yourself.  It is completely portable and requires 4 AA batteries to function and the initial package includes these batteries. The program settings are saved even after the batteries are changed.

Here we have a video that shows a quick guide to GMS 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser.

GMS Bluetooth Automatic Pill Dispenser Quick Start Guide

If required, you can also order an extra tray or an extra key.


  • The program settings for this pillbox are saved even after changing batteries.
  • Large space and ability to accommodate medication for 28 days.


  • You would need a spare key if you misplace the key. Even the removal of batteries would not unlock the dispenser.

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#2 e-Pill MedTime Plus – Advanced Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser

The e-Pill MedTime Plus Advanced is a locked automatic pill dispenser that allows the users to take their medications at the right time and thereby increasing adherence to medication. This dispenser gives the patients and caregivers additional layers of control, security as well as insights.

e-Pill MedTime Plus – Advanced Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser

It features an automatic locking dispensing window along with a key-locked lid. The dispenser can have naerly 24 alarms for daily providing visual and well as audio notifications.

The patients and caregivers can select alerts ranging from a duration of 5 minutes to four hours. The alerts are silenced once the medication is dispensed. The users have the facility of dispensing logs and battery indicators.

It also features an early dose choice if the user needs to dispense their medication before leaving the home for a longer duration. This dispenser is also advanced enough to automatically adjust for daylight savings time.

The dispenser has 28 compartments in the medication tray, an additional 28-compartment medication tray with a dust cover for remote filling. Each compartment of the medication tray can hold up to 18 aspirin-sized tablets. It also has filling guides and 2 keys.

The pills rotate into position once the alarm sounds. All other medication is inaccessible. You can turn the dispenser upside down and allow the pills to fall into your hand or a cup.

Once the device is turned upside down, the alarm stops. The duration of the alarm can be selected in 5-minute increments up to 5 hours. It comes with 4 selectable tones for the alarm system.

The product comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Features like battery indicator, doses remaining indicator, etc.
  • Daylight Savings time is automatically adjusted.


  • The Pill Dispenser is a little expensive compared to other dispensers available in the market.
  • This is not a tamper-resistant device.
  • It does not offer remote monitoring.

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#3 Point Automatic Pill Dispenser

The Point Automatic Pill Dispenser is portable and convenient. It allows you to fill and set up your dispenser only once for every 28 doses. The 6 different dosage rings help you in customizing the dispenser on the basis of your daily medication or vitamin schedule.

Point Automatic Pill Dispenser

At each pre-set time, the dispenser turns and releases the contents of the appointed slot. You can thus dispense up to 6X per day. Each slot has room for about 18 tablets.

The dispenser features a safety latch and it can be locked at all times to prevent any form of accidental overdose, especially in case of forgetful patients or young children. Although locking up of the caddy is optional, it comes with a special key.

Each time medication needs to be taken, the dispenser rings a customizable alarm and flashes a red light. The alerts are set to flash and ring for a duration of 30 minutes or until the time the dispenser is flip over to release the medication.

The package comes with the automatic pill dispenser, single medication tray, 6 rings for medical dosages, a metal key, double lids (one clear and another solid white), an easy manual set-up, and 4 AA batteries.


  • Audio and Visual Alerts in the form of alarm and flashlight


  • No connection point for the AC adapter. Runs primarily on AA batteries.

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#4 e-Pill MedSmart Voice Plus Pill Dispenser

The e-Pill MedSmart Voice Plus Pill Dispenser is a locked automatic dispenser that helps you in improving your medication adherence significantly.

e-Pill MedSmart Voice Plus Pill Dispenser

The dispenser comes with a Bluetooth capability that allows the caregiver or the patient to set up and review records of dosage using the iOS (iPhone) or Android app available for free.

The app does not need any monthly subscriptions and can be used to continuously review your dosage records. The dispenser will always dispense the medicine at the set times.

However, due to the technical limitations of the Bluetooth technology, your smartphone must be within 33 feet of the dispenser to stay within the range and be able to take advantage of the app’s capabilities.

The dispenser has a key-locked lid with up to 6 daily alarms that come with voice notifications saying “It’s time for your medications” and blinking lights. It is AC powered with close to two months of battery backup and a warning in case the battery levels go low.

It comes with a removable medication tray with 28 compartments with each compartment able to hold 24 Aspirin-sized tablets. It also comes with filling guides and 2 keys. The dispenser has secure grips and an extra-large display. The product comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The Bluetooth facility assists in monitoring the dosage via the smartphone app.
  • Multi-volume voice notifications


  • The dispenser has to be within 33 feet of the smartphone for the app to assist you.
  • Setting up the dispenser functionalities can be a little tedious initially. Better to take assistance using the guides.

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#5 7 Day Pill Organizer with Reminder Alarm

This powerful and practical pill dispenser comes with a 7-day pill organizer catering to 1 time per day dispensing, 4 reminder alarms, and a large screen display that makes it convenient to view the time.

7 Day Pill Organizer with Reminder Alarm

The storage can prevent the odor of the tablets and is able to protect the medicines from dust and moisture both. It is not easy to pop off. The multi-colored transparent lids are made of plastic and make it easy to distinguish the pills without being required to open the lids.

The pillbox has plenty of space for sorting all your dosages for one week. Each compartment can hold about 6 fish oils or 8 vitamins or 12 capsules or 22 pills (depending on size) The material is food grade and safe to use.

The new technology makes sure that the labels do not fall off and the lids do not fade easily. The pillbox comes with operating instructions to assist you in the initial setup.

The pillbox is easy to take apart and can be placed in your pocket so that you can carry it easily while traveling. It comes with a power-saving mode where it goes to sleep post 2 minutes of no operation.


  • Easy to carry while traveling
  • Powerful design with four reminder alarms and no requirement to repeat settings every day.


  • Limited space with provision for only 7 days.

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#6 Live Fine Automatic Pill Dispenser

The Live Fine Automatic Pill Dispenser enables the patients and caregivers to monitor and administer dosages up to a duration of 28 days with the facility of audio and visual alerts.

Live Fine Automatic Pill Dispenser

The dispenser features 6 interchangeable dosage rings that act as templates to improve the accuracy of your medicinal regimen and prevents any missed or accidental multiple dosages.

The slots in this dispenser are high capacity with the ability to fit in up to 18 pills each for increased efficiency and a minimal amount of refills. The sophisticated system allows you to set your pill schedules up to 6 times a day.

The dispenser is simple to set up in terms of programming. It features a quick-fill removable carousel that makes the process of loading your prescriptions, vitamins, and pills a simple task.

It also includes an easy 3-button interface with large letters and numbers along with a super bright electronic display. You just need to set up the clock and pre-program your alert times initially. And then you just have to wait for the alarm to buzz for your medicine reminders.

The LCD on the dispenser is easy to read with the digital interface displaying the time. It beeps and flashes whenever the prescription is due.  The flashing of lights and beeping continues up to half an hour until you empty the compartment.

The system accepts up to 6 alarms which can be stopped once you have opened the door, flipped it upside down, and taken the medicines.

The Live Fine Automatic Pill Dispenser comes with extended safety features. It includes a locking cover that can block any form of unauthorized access.

While the integrated magnifier offers the functionality of a close-up view of dosage info, the battery-operated device, which is also wireless, is perfect for home or travel. The dispenser runs on 4 AA batteries that are included in the packaging so that you can keep your medicine regimen on track.


  • Ability to monitor your regimen for 28 days.
  • Alerts up to 6 times daily.
  • Locking cover blocks unauthorized access.


  • It would be quite difficult to break into the compartment if you need extra pills.

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#7 Cozy Cabin Digital Pillbox

The Cozy Cabin Digital pillbox is a basic medicine organizer with daily pop-out compartments that allow for discrete storage and easy transportation.

Cozy Cabin Digital Pillbox

All seven-day pill dispensers are divided into four separate compartments that are clearly marked with morning, noon, evening, and bed, facilitating easy separation of your daily medication.

You can plan your 7-day medication for both morning and night. The dispenser is helpful in ensuring that you do not miss your regular dosage.

It features a removable timer that can be worn on a keychain with the option of having four alarms and snooze. There are 4 reminder alarms, which can be combined with an electronic box reminder timer that features a bright LCD back-light.

The compartments and the digital reminder can be easily removed from the mainframe and used alone.

The pillbox is small, lightweight, and made of durable plastic making it perfect for traveling. Its buttons and rounded bottom make it easy to open and retrieve your medication.


  • The removable timer can be worn on a key chain and makes it easier to carry
  • Travel friendly


  • Not great for managing medication regimes greater than 7 days
  • The compartments are small. If you mostly use tiny pills, the dispenser would be useful for you. Not a great choice if you consume a lot of supplements as most supplement capsules do not fit in here.

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The market is filled up with multiple options for a pillbox with an alarm facility. The products range from $10 to as high as $600, and sometimes even more. The pricing will keep on rising as the number of features of the pill dispenser increase.

It is a good idea to understand your requirements and decide on the product accordingly. Whether you need Bluetooth functionality on your pill dispenser or a simple voice alarm would work for you, this information would be helpful for you in making your decision.

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