Best Knee Pillows After Knee Replacement

We have reviewed the best knee pillows after knee replacement for the elderly. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot. Or you can scroll down for detailed reviews of the knee pillows one can use after knee replacement.

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Knee replacement can often be a painful and trying procedure. Depending on how well the procedure goes and how well cared for the knee is post-surgery, the patient may take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks to fully recover from the procedure.

One of the things that can reduce the intensity of the pain (especially at the night, when the patient is sleeping) is a knee pillow.

Knee pillows come in several varieties, however, for people who are recovering from total knee replacement (TKR) surgery, wedge-shaped knee pillows are the most common variety.


The most commonly used phrase after knee replacement surgery and when recuperating from it is “RICE” – which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Most TKR surgeries will end with advice to follow the RICE principle to avoid further inflammation to the knees and to ensure that the injury gets healed.

During the recovery period from your surgery, ice packs, and an elevation pillow could be of help. 

Out of the four key elements of recuperating from a TKR – Elevation is taken care of by the knee pillow, which we will be discussing further in this article.

Elevating the leg at 35 degrees from the hip is a safe and effective way to reduce total blood loss1 by 25%. 

Therefore, the elevation is very important in TKR. The video below shows what should one expect after having knee replacement surgery.

What to Expect after total knee replacement

How to choose the best knee pillow after a knee replacement surgery?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best knee pillow for use after TKR. We have listed below some of the parameters.


Most of the pillows for post knee replacement surgery are wedge-shaped (like a triangle) which hold the knee and leg at an incline to the rest of the body.


Knee pillows can come in a variety of lengths, widths and heights. Ideally, they should be able to cushion your knees based upon the size of your foot. 


The large, thick portion at the end of the incline should measure at least 7 inches, in some cases, it can go up to even 12 inches. The comfort zone between a slow incline and a high incline really depends on personal choice. 


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Most knee pillows are made with memory foam. The pillow may have different types of covers – nylon, polyester, bamboo etc. Look for the most comfortable cover type – one which does not make you sweat too much, and neither is it too uncomfortable.


The pillow should ideally have a machine washable cover so that it can be easily washed at regular intervals.


Wedge pillows can cost a lot of money, but there are cheaper options available as well. Price is often related to the quality of the materials and durability.


If you tend to move throughout the night, a pillow that has a steeper slope and is lightweight will move a lot, and may not be a good choice. For restless sleepers, it is recommended to use a heavier pillow that will hold in place and give you comfort throughout the night.


Pillows that have an outer cover made of breathable materials like nylon, bamboo and polyester will help prevent the accumulation of sweat and make you feel a lot more comfortable, especially if you feel hotter at night.


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Typically a mattress with memory foam may be less firm than that which is made from high-density foam. That said, firmness is a personal choice that can depend upon several factors.

Other factors:

Most wedge pillow retailers and offer trials, which means that you can test the pillow for 30 to 90 nights and return it if it doesn’t suit you. Shipping and return policies are also important, especially the cost of shipping back. Of course, warranty coverage is also an important factor, since it varies by brand, model, and retailer.  Most warranties cover defects for less than 3 years. However, be sure not to buy one that has zero warranty coverage.

In the next section, we will discuss our top picks for knee pillows post knee replacement surgery.

#1 DMI Ortho Bed Wedge Elevated Leg

The ortho bed wedge of DMI is one of the best pillows out there. It comfortably elevates the legs at the right angle above your heart so that you can have a better circulation of the blood and lesser pressure on the lower back.

DMI Ortho Bed Wedge Elevated Leg

It helps relieve discomfort from TKR by taking the pressure off sensitive areas, thus helping you sleep at ease throughout the night 

It also lets you easily recover after a knee replacement surgery by elevating the legs at the right angle instead of clumsily stacking pillows or other items that offer a similar effect.

The DMI ortho has a zippered machine washable cover that is easily removable and measures only 10 X 20 X 30.5 inches


  • Available in 6, 8 and 1- inch thickness as per requirement
  • Lightweight (weighs only 3.2 pounds
  • Provides firm support for the legs at the appropriate height
  • Extra-wide platform to keep your legs in the proper position
  • Soft enough to keep you well rested for the night


  • Some users complained that it gives off a chemical smell
  • The pillow is too hard for some users

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#2 InterVision Ortho Bed Wedge Pillow

The intervision pillow improves blood circulation. 

InterVision Ortho Bed Wedge Pillow

It comes with a high-quality, machine-washable cover made from bamboo which feels smooth and is easy to clean  The product is extremely lightweight  (only 3.2 pounds)

The product also comes with a 30-day full refund policy, so that you can try it out and feel whether it suits your need.


  • Two-layer design: memory foam on top and hard foam below for comfort as well as well support
  • Improves circulation, reduces stress on spinal cord
  • Comes with a high-quality machine washable cover
  • Lightweight


  • The product is too firm for a few of the customers.
  • Some customers complained of a mould-like smell

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#3 PureComfort – Adjustable Leg, Knee, Ankle Support and Elevation Pillow

The PureComfort knee pillow keeps the leg in place during sleep by using a custom design that accommodates both cold as well as hot packs. The pillow reduces swelling and reduces pain by keeping the legs at an incline to the body.

PureComfort - Adjustable Leg, Knee, Ankle Support and Elevation Pillow

It can accommodate cold or hot packs for complete comfort.

It is a fully adjustable pillow. 


  • Keeps that leg inclined at the perfect angle
  • Fully adjustable
  • 100-day return guarantee


  • The product is not tall enough as per a few customers.

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#4 Wedge Pillow for Sleeping by Cushy Form

The Cushy Form knee pillow has a high-density memory foam at the top which maximizes comfort while fitting your body shape for the best results.

Wedge Pillow for Sleeping by Cushy Form

This cushion has a machine washable cover. 

The product is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • High-density memory foam top
  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • Firm and does not collapse easily


  • The pillow keeps slipping due to low weight
  • Some customers complained that the pillow is quite stiff

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#5 Milliard Foam Leg Elevator Cushion

The pillow angles injured knee joints for optimal healing. It reduces swelling by lowering the flow of blood to the affected area.

Milliard Foam Leg Elevator Cushion

It keeps the legs in place to prevent further injury due to movement during sleep

It is made from polyurethane foam with a 45 degree angled ramp and Includes a removable and machine-washable velour cover. It measures 32X13X19.5 inches.


  • Angles injured knee joint for optimal healing
  • Reduces the flow of blood to the injured area
  • Made with polyurethane foam at a 45 degree angled ramp
  • Removable and machine- washable cover


  • Does not work well for shorter people

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Elevation is an important aspect of the cornerstones of TKR recovery – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). 

We have discussed in this article some of the best knee pillows out there which can help you along with your recovery by providing you with the right elevation so that you can sleep peacefully at night and help your knee along the path to recovery. 

There are several factors to consider, most importantly the incline and the quality of the material. We believe that any of the pillows discussed above will help you along the path to recovery.

The choice of which pillow to use is obviously personal and depends on your particular needs. However, it is important to keep in mind other factors, which might become important once you buy the product and start using it.

Knee replacement is a tough surgery to recover from, and we hope that all those who are reading this article are able to make maximum use of the tips that we have given.



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