Best Far Infrared Heating Pads

We have reviewed the best far infrared heating pads. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 5.

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What Are Far Infrared Radiation Pads?

Far Infrared (FIR) radiation is defined as any radiation between a frequency range of ~20 THz to 300 GHz. Research has shown that radiation in this frequency range transmits pure heat energy to the thermoreceptors in our skin.

Heat absorbed by the human skin in this form can lead to repair of damaged muscle, bone, and tissue. It has also been shown that it leads to delayed onset of tiredness due to muscle contraction.

Far Infrared radiation pads utilize specialized carbon fibers to emit Far Infrared radiation, which can lead to effective and long-lasting pain relief without any damage to the skin or body.

What Are the Benefits of Far Infrared Heating Pads over Electric/Normal Heating Pads?

If you study the market, you will find that Far Infrared radiation pads are typically much more expensive than regular electric heating pads. Why then should one invest in them, if essentially all they are doing is to offer pain relief? Read on to know more about the many advantages of these devices over regular heating pads

Long-lasting relief

Anyone who has used a normal Heating pad can testify that the pain relief benefit that one gets from such heating pads stops immediately as soon as you stop applying heat to your body.

Probably the biggest advantage of Far Infrared heating pads is that the pain relief not only persists but can last for up to 6 hours from a single 30-minute session, and can help you carry on your daily activities even if you are suffering from diseases such as arthritis tendonitis, sciatica, MLS or even Leukaemia and suffer from acute and chronic pain.


Normal heating pads operate in an Electromagnetic field and therefore emit EMF radiation which has been proven to be harmful to the skin and human body cells.

Research has also shown that such radiation can lead to diseases such as cancer. Far Infrared heating pads do not operate in any electromagnetic frequency. The radiation emitted by Far Infrared heating pads is so safe that it is even used in neonatal beds and has been proven to be completely safe.


Due to the extremely high frequency used by Far Infrared rays, they can penetrate the human skin for up to 4 to 5 cm instead of normal electric heating devices which are only able to penetrate to a 2-3 mm depth.

Before the heat from electrical heating pads does not ever actually reach the muscles and bones where the root cause of the pain lies. This is also the reason why the impact of regular electric heating pads is not persistent and ends immediately as soon as the pad is removed.

Use of Natural Stones

Normal electrical heating pads use electric coils to emit their heating radiation, whereas Far Infrared heating uses natural stones (such as jade/amethyst or tourmaline) to cause much deeper penetration into the skin.

Best far infrared heating pads


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What Should You Look For before Buying a Far Infrared Heating Pad?

The use of Far Infrared Radiation therapy is to date quite limited and therefore you may not find too many guides on what to choose and what to consider when buying a Far Infrared heating pad. The buyer’s guide below would hopefully give you some indicators of what to expect when buying such a device. 

How large is it?

Far Infrared heating pads are available in many shapes and sizes. The one that you select depends on the application that you want to use it for. If you are looking to relieve pain in a large area of your body such as the back or shoulders, you might want to buy a Far Infrared Heating pad that is larger.

However, if you are looking to relieve neck pain or pain in other smaller parts of the body, then you should probably buy a device that will suit your requirements.

Ease of Use

You should always look for a device that has an easy-to-use digital controller and simple controls instead of complex multiple functions is especially if you are looking to buy for someone older in age since they might get confused by a multiplicity of options.

Negative Ions

The negative ions that are present in the crystals which are used to emit the Far Infrared radiation also have a positive effect on enhancing body metabolism and improving hormonal balance. For getting the maximum benefit out of your device, you may want to choose one that uses tourmaline stones instead of normal carbon fiber or jade.

Device Safety

Always choose a device that allows you to modify the heat settings as per your requirements and the body part on which you are applying the heating pad.

The pad should also have an auto cut off feature in case it is allowed to inadvertently run for too long,  since heating pads can always become a fire hazard if left unattended,  and can damage the skin if applied for too long.

Other Features 

For greater flexibility, see that the device should have a longer power cord and it should be able to heat up quickly to save you time. Some Far Infrared heating pads are also equipped with a direct current power plug, which makes them completely free from EMF radiation.

Some devices are meant for specific areas such as wrists, lower back, thighs, etc, and if you intend to use the pad for very specific pains, it might be better to consider those options as well, since they fit better and are more portable than the regular half body size Far Infrared heating mats.


Far Infrared heating pads are considerably more expensive than normal heating pads. Make sure you understand the application, use, implication, and benefits of Far Infrared pads.

Otherwise, you may end up comparing this to your old electrical heating pad which will be completely unfair.

These devices give you a much longer-lasting and effective heating benefit, which cannot be measured easily in monetary terms, nor can it be evaluated in a single visit to the electronics retail store from where you might purchase them.


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Best Far Infrared Heating Pads

#1 UTK® Far Infrared Natural Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad

The UTK® Far Infrared Natural Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad uses jade and tourmaline, which cause the heating impact to last much longer than other heating pads, and is designed so that it can be used on any part of the body including shoulder, neck, back, thighs and knees, etc. 

UTK® Far Infrared Natural Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad

The device comes with a smart controller that is capable of adjusting your temperature settings between 103 and 159 degrees (with 1-degree increments). It also has a useful 4-hour auto cut off feature included in it. 

There is a timer function that you can use to control for how long the heating effect needs to be on your body so that you can relax and enjoy its heating impact without having to worry about sleeping off and causing damage to your skin.

There is a nice little memory button that is able to remember your favorite heat and timer settings so that you can just sit back, relax and enjoy it without having to worry about making the right settings every time.

Another nice feature is that this Heating pad comes with the 10-foot long electrical wire and its own carrying case so that you can carry the pad with you anywhere you are going.


  • Uses Jade and Tourmaline crystals for more long-lasting impact 
  • Includes easy to control heat and timer settings
  • Has a 4-hour auto cut off from a safety point of view
  • Extra-long 10-foot electrical plug and specially designed carry case for portability
  • Memory button to remember your settings perfectly


  • A few users complained that the device stop working after 2-3 months
  • It is difficult to find a replacement electrical wire if the original one gets damaged

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#2 HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad

The HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad is our choice for the best Heating pad in this lineup, because it has the only “full-body” (72X24 inches) sized pad option, unlike most others which only have “half-body” sized options (There is a medium-sized option also available, in this product (32X20 inches)

HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad

The device contains Jade and tourmaline stones across the length of the pad. This heating pad combines the benefit of three different pain relief therapies, namely: Far Infrared heating, Hot stone therapy, and Negative Ion Therapy.

It comes along with a digital controller that has both heat and timer settings. There is also an auto cut-off feature and extra EMF protection layers in the device for safety.

The Heating pad can easily be folded up and carried off along with you when you are visiting someplace away from home.


  • This device provides the user with triple therapy benefit: Far Infrared heating, hot stone therapy, negative ion therapy
  • Certified natural crystals of Jade and tourmaline for deeper penetration
  • Lightweight, easy to fold and carry away along with you
  • Adjustable heat and timer settings
  • Auto cut off feature 
  • 30-day return guarantee and 1-year warranty


  • Some users complain that the stones tend to fall out after a few uses
  • The return policy on this product is quite expensive

Here we have a video featuring HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad.

HealthyLine SOFT A 7224 InfraMat Pro™ Review

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#3 Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating Pad

The Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating Pad uses carbon fiber under a soft, fleece-like material for imparting the Far Infrared radiation heating effect. This makes it one of the softest and most comfortable heating pads among Far Infrared heating pads, as most others are made of Jade stones which can be a bit uncomfortable for regular use lying down.

Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating Pad

The pad has a comfortable 60-minute cycle for gentle heating, unlike other pads that come with a 30-minute quick heating cycle, which is how some people prefer their heating therapy to be.

The 60 minutes are divided into one 30 minute high-intensity session, followed by another 30-minute low-intensity session. As per the device manufacturers, this is the cycle for heat therapy that is recommended by most doctors. 

However, the device does have three options to set your heating intensity – low, medium, and high. The device is available in two color options: black and grey.


  • 60-minute heating cycle
  • Carbon fiber covered with ultrasoft fleece to give maximum comfort on the pad
  • 3 Heat intensity settings – low, medium, and high. Single-button control
  • Available in black and grey
  • 12-month manufacturer warranty


  • Several users complained that the device stops working after a few months
  • Significant EMF radiation can be found in this device

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#4 Back Rescue Amethyst Far Infrared Heating Pad

The Back Rescue Amethyst Far Infrared Heating Pad Uses amethyst stones instead of Jade which helps to maximize the penetration of Far Infrared radiation up to 6 cm within the skin, making the device more effective than others in this lineup.

Back Rescue Amethyst Far Infrared Heating Pad

This device has been specifically tested for low EMF radiation below 0.5 mG. It has an easy to use control along with auto cut off option. The mat also comes with its protective bag which can be used to carry it around anywhere along with you.


  • Amethyst stones for hire penetration into the skin
  • Specifically tested follow EMF radiation block point 0.5 mG 
  • Simple and easy to use controls with auto cut off feature
  • Comes with its protective carry bag


  • Several users complained that the device stops working after a few months

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#5 CHEROO Hand and Wrist Heated Wrap

The CHEROO Hand and Wrist Heated Wrap is our choice for the best hand and wrist wrap using Far Infrared radiation therapy. This is an ambidextrous Heating pad and can easily be used for either of the two hands. 

CHEROO Hand and Wrist Heated Wrap

It is made from soft fleece and is therefore comfortable for use. It also comes with a convenient remote control which has six heat settings and 4 auto cut off settings so that you can operate it with complete peace of mind without having to touch the device while in operation.


  • The ambidextrous heating pad can be used for both left and right hands
  • Comes with a convenient remote control with six heat settings and 4 auto cut off settings
  • Comfortable to touch, made from soft fleece


  • A few users complained that the remote control does not work properly
  • Does not have adjustable timer settings to be able to set your desired therapy time

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#6 CREATRILL Heated Lumbar Support Lower

The CREATRILL Heated Lumbar Support Lower is our choice for the best Far Infrared heating pad meant for lumbar and lowers back support only. It is shaped like a waistband and consists of circular pockets full of jade crystals ensconced in a mesh enclosure.

CREATRILL Heated Lumbar Support Lower

The waistband is extensible and can be used for anyone with a waist size between 28 and 60 inches. It is made from durable neoprene material that is comfortable to be used around your skin. It also comes with its own handy remote which has 6 heat settings and 4 auto cutoff settings to maximize ease of use. 

The device uses a direct current (DC) adapter, which eliminates the risk of EMF radiation completely and makes this the safest, most EMF free device in our lineup.


  • Uses jade crystals for maximum skin penetration and best heating
  • Made with soft neoprene which is both durable and comfortable to use
  • Comes with its own remote control which has 6 heat settings and 4 auto cutoff settings to maximize your ease of use when wearing the heating waistband
  • Completely EMF free since it uses a DC adaptor instead of an AC one
  • The waistband is extensible and will work perfectly for anyone within a waist size of 28 to 60 inches, covering a huge range
  • Great for use in all lower back and lumbar problems such as herniated disc, sciatica, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, spondylitis, and arthritic pain as well.


  • The remote control is not easy to use
  • Does not have adjustable timer settings to be able to set your desired therapy time

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The use of Far Infrared heating pads has become quite common these days for pain relief in chronic and acute pain, which cannot be solved with normal heating pads and requires a more long-lasting solution than only for the duration of the therapy.

Far Infrared heating pads are safe, easy to use, and penetrate the skin much deeper than normal electric heating pads, causing more tangible repair in tissues and cells.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best Far Infrared heating pads available in the market. In our opinion, the “HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad” is the best choice among the various options that we have considered, since it is a “full-body” option, instead of a “half-body” option like most others.

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can consider the “UTK® Far Infrared Natural Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad”, which offers great value at a very reasonable price point. 

If you are looking for specific pain relief in your wrist and hand, you should consider the “CHEROO Hand and Wrist Heated Wrap”, which is specially designed for this purpose.

The “CREATRILL Heated Lumbar Support Lower” is designed to benefit the lower back and lumbar and can be put on like a waistband, unlike other Far Infrared heating pads.

While we make every effort to provide updated and correct information the advice given in this article and website should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult with your physician or medical practitioner before using any heating pad for pain relief.

Each individual may have his or her unique issues and your medical practitioner is the best person to decide the best Far Infrared heating pads for your case.

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