Best AED Trainers

We have reviewed the best AED trainers for you. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 5.

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AED or Automated External Defibrillator is an ideal tool to save people who are experiencing a sudden heart attack or cardiac arrest. It is a life savior for people who have heart issues. The tool is quite simple to use and operate and is one of the most common medical devices found in most offices and public buildings these days. The tool is designed to analyze the heart’s rhythm and when necessary delivers electrical shocks to help the heart re-establish a normal rhythm. It automatically diagnoses the life-threatening heart disturbances and can treat them through defibrillation.

Before a person uses an actual AED device on a patient it is always better to practice on an AED training device. The device is designed to be simple and can be easily used by a layperson with simple audio and video commands. For expert support, many institutions teach how to use AED devices more efficiently. Some devices are self-explanatory and provide a step-by-step guide to use the device on the people so affected.

If you are looking to get an AED training device, we have listed some of the best AED trainers for you.

Who needs an AED trainer?

As per the CDC, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for men and women. Most deaths occur due to a delay in treatment. In fact, almost a million Americans have a heart attack every year1. Some of these lives can be saved if people have access to an AED device and those around them know how to use it.

It is a good idea to have an AED trainer wherever there is an AED device. An AED device is as good as the operator’s ability to use it in an emergency. Therefore having an AED trainer in commercial and office buildings can save lives. If you can afford it, you may also consider getting an AED device and an AED Trainer for your home, if you have one or more people who are potentially at risk of having a heart attack.

AED Training Device

What Medical Conditions Does An AED Device Treat?

AED is used in cases of life-threatening sudden cardiac arrest. It can majorly treat two types of rhythm that can prove fatal for a person, namely Ventricular Tachycardia and Ventricular Fibrillation. In both types of uneven rhythms, the heart remains electrically active but in a dysfunctional pattern. The pattern does not allow the heart to pump and circulate blood. A person trained to use the device can treat a patient and bring his heart into normal rhythms.

What To Look For in an AED Trainer Before Buying One?

The choice of AED training devices in the market is quite extensive and it can be difficult sometimes in comparing the different models. Here are a few things that you must consider when purchasing the best AED trainer.

Ease of use

Ease of use is one of the biggest factors that you must consider before buying an AED trainer device. While most of the models are similar, they also have some minute differences when it comes to ease of use. These small differences at times dramatically affect the result and prove to be a life savior. If the trainer is simple to use it becomes easy for users to use the actual device on a patient.

Logical Front Layout

Before you proceed to buy make sure that that the AED trainer has a logical front layout. Compare the size and color of the on and off and shock buttons. It must include easy-to-follow diagrams on the front of the unit and have pre-connected pads. It also must offer verbal and visual prompts that are easy to understand and must provide additional guidance when it comes to providing care to a patient.

Training options available

It is an important feature to look for before buying an AED training device. The device must provide training to people before they use it for any casualty. It is good if you purchase an AED device for your home or workplace but it is useless to have one of the people around you don’t have access to training for your particular unit. Hence when you buy one actual AED device, also buy one AED training device so that your family members as well your staff are well-versed to use it before they use the actual device during the time of the casualty.

Composition Package

Make sure that your AED training kit contains everything that one will need to get properly trained. It must contain reusable adult and child training pads along with connectors and simulated electrodes, batteries, and instruction manual. The pads and batteries must have a longer shelf life and easily available when you are out of stock. Also, the instructions provided by the device must be in a clear voice and commands and easily understood by a layman.

AED Trainer

AED upgrades

  • a few AED training device manufacturers provide software updates for their devices to keep it in proper working conditions and keeping with regulatory requirements. They provide a unique “in-field” upgrade protocol. An AED training kit user can consult their manufacturer if their device needs an up-gradation and do the manufacturer does the same. In short, it means that the trainer should be upgradable whenever the industry standards are updated or there is advancement in AED science. Hence, before you purchase one, look for if your device can be upgraded or not, and if yes then how can it be done and who will do it.

Physical Features

  • Last but not the least, as a buyer you must select a model based upon your usage. If you have minimum outdoor activities select a model that you can locate in your home, office, or building. If you are more of an outdoor person and enjoy hiking and trekking buy a device, which is portable. Also look for its size, weight, and IP ratings, which protects it from dust, water, and any kind of accidental contacts. For offices you can go with lower specifications but not for a more demanding environment you must go for a higher specification unit.

Best AED Trainer

Best AED Trainer

#1 Prestan AED Ultra Trainer

Prestan AED Ultra Trainer


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The Prestan AED Ultra Trainer is one of a kind available in the market. It is the most accurate representation of how current AEDs in the market perform. The device is lightweight and compact and is capable of imparting realistic training experience to the amateur trainers. The device comes with training pads that sense when they are placed on the manikins.

The unit imbibes all the necessary features which are necessary to make it an ideal AED training kit. The voice prompts are clear, pads are pre-connected, and gives the users clear instructions. With it, the instructors can easily customize their training classes. The device is also upgradable when the standards change.


  • The device is both semi-automatics as well as automatic.
  • The pads work great with foam manikins also.
  • The trainer can give clear instructions in English as well as in Spanish.
  • The pads are reusable and designed for many uses.
  • The device is easily portable.


  • It cannot give instructions in any other language other than English and Spanish.
  • It works well only on a manikin.
Prestan AED UltraTrainer,...
162 Reviews
Prestan AED UltraTrainer,...
  • Upgradable When Standards Change
  • Metronome Can Be Turned Off
  • Dual Graphic (Adult/Child) Training Pads
  • Pad Sensing System
  • 3 Year Warranty

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#2 MCR Medical CPR Training Kit

CPR Training Kit


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This AED training kit is one of the most portable, convenient, and lightweight training kits. The kit is amazingly easy to set up and offers high-quality products. It offers a universal training experience for a variety of AED devices. The device is rich in features and imbibes everything that makes it a great device. Its ideal features contain two pre-programmed scenarios, built-in English and Spanish options, and clear voice commands. The kit contains all the training essentials and most importantly it comes with a kneeling mat. The kneeling mat is ideal to be placed on the floor as it is obvious that the sudden heart attacks make patients collapse on the floor and not on a convenient table.


  • The kit contains all the essentials including a manikin.
  • The manikin is sturdy as made of latex.
  • The kit is easy to set up and comes in a compact size.
  • It imparts all the necessary training to students, which they should be well versed with.
  • Kneeling mat is an inclusive part of the entire kit.


  • The head of the manikin is quite hard and does not have nostrils.
  • It at times becomes cumbersome for users to put the manikin together all the time.

CPR Training Kit w Prestan...
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CPR Training Kit w Prestan...
  • CPR Training Kit
  • AED Trainer
  • PRESTAN Ultralite w Feedback
  • Includes accessories
  • Medium skin tone manikin

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#3 Adult and Infant CPR Manikin Kit with Feedback

Adult and Infant CPR Manikin Kit with Feedback


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If you are looking for a device that is cost-efficient and is ideal for training purposes then your search ends here. This is an ideal kit for students and comes along with adult and infant manikin along with feedback. The adult and infant manikin optimizes training sessions by ensuring that the compression depth and rate are reached for sure that produce an audible clicking sound. It also contains LED indicators with two separate feedback devices. It provides visual and audible reinforcement of good CPR technique hence ideal for students’ training purposes and enhanced confidence.

The trainer offers unmatchable features that can not be found on any other AED trainer. It provides the most accurate representation of how an actual AED performs. It is one of the best AED trainers in the market and its features and prices are incomparable. The training pads are fixed and can easily sense a manikin, also the voice prompts are clear.


  • The device fully complies with the American Heart Association Guidelines.
  • It contains realistic looking manikins with pinch-able noses.
  • It is easy to insert lung bags in the manikin.
  • The clicker mechanism helps students gain confidence in administering adequate compressions.
  • It is easy to clean the manikins.


  • The kit does not contain batteries; you need to buy it separately.
Adult and Infant CPR Manikin...
190 Reviews
Adult and Infant CPR Manikin...
  • Cost Effective Kit for CPR Instructors
  • Prestan Adult Manikin with Feedback
  • Prestan UltraTrainer
  • Prestan Infant Manikin with feedback

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#4 WNL Products WL120ES10 AED Defibrillator

WNL Products WL120ES10 AED Defibrillator


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When it comes to proper training, students must use a kit that is simple to use and contains all the necessary items. This AED kit contains all the essential items that are necessary for realistic AED defibrillator training. it can be used with any kind of CPR practice manikins. It imparts training to students so as they become well-versed in saving the lives of people during emergencies. Moreover, the device adheres to all the quality and strict compliances.

The device comes stored in a convenient carrying case so every student has one during the class. It can be used on both adults as well as kids’ manikin as it contains both adults as well as child pads and cords. The kid is designed to be operable for a longer period and comes with an extensive instructor manual.


  • It works brilliantly on foam manikins.
  • Ideal for training students and home and office staff members.
  • It does everything that a real AED can do, except it is only for training purposes and cannot save lives.
  • It comes in a compact and portable size.


  • The device prompts only in English and Spanish.
  • It is not water-resistant.
  • It cannot be upgraded.
WNL Products WL120ES10 AED...
351 Reviews
WNL Products WL120ES10 AED...
  • AED DEFIBRILLATOR TRAINING KIT - This AED trainer includes: AED trainer, 1 set of reusable adult and 1 set of reusable child training pads and connectors, 3 AA batteries, Nylon carrying case, and instructor manual
  • REALISTIC DEFIBRILLATOR TRAINING - This AED training unit provides realistic AED training but cannot deliver an actual defibrillation shock. This item is for training purposes only and cannot be used for patient defibrillation
  • FULLY COMPLIANT WITH AHA 2020 GUIDELINES - Voice prompts guide students through simulated rescue situations, metronome sets proper pace for effective chest CPR compression, and compatible with most CPR manikins that are intended for AED training
  • PERFECT FOR CLASSROOM AED AND CPR TRAINING - The portable AED trainer is cost effective enough for every student learning how to use an automated external defibrillator and easy storage with the carrying case.
  • WNL PRODUCTS DIFFERENCE - WNL Products is a leading supplier of CPR and first aid training equipment which can be attributed to quality, cost effective, and innovative products

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#5 CPR Adult Manikin with Feedback

CPR Adult Manikin with Feedback


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Proper training is necessary to give correct CPR during emergencies. Hence a student needs a training kit which is just like the original one so that there stays no scope for mistakes. This kit is ideal for training purposes as it contains one manikin along with feedback. Its features are unique and suitable for all type of AED training. The manikin is a realistic-looking manikin that comes with a pinch-able nose. Its neck portion is also fully formed and is easy to insert lungs into it. the clicker mechanism enhances students’ confidence as it gives them knowledge in administering adequate compressions.


  • It complies with NHA guidelines.
  • It is easy to clean the manikin.
  • The manikin comes with a red manikin vest.
  • It comes in three years warranty.


  • The batteries are not a part of the kit.
CPR Adult Manikin with...
41 Reviews
CPR Adult Manikin with...
  • Cost Effective Kit for CPR Instructors
  • Prestan Adult Manikins with Feedback
  • Prestan AED Ultra Trainers

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AED trainers help you to train your students, home, and office members to be ready to save a life in case of an emergency.  Training can be the difference between life and death in a situation where split-second decisions matter. Therefore, it is extremely important to purchase and conduct regular practice sessions on AED trainers and CPR devices.

After reviewing the best AED trainers, we felt that while the MCR Medical CPR Training Kit was the best device as per all criteria put together, the WNL Products WL120ES10 AED Defibrillator was the best value for money choice.


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