Best Lightweight Rollator Walker – With and Without Seat

Rollator Walker Help and Wellness

If you are visiting us, you obviously need a lightweight rollator walker. But when you are looking for a lightweight walker, you must consider many things apart from just its weight. In this article, we have rated the 10 best lightweight rollator walkers for seniors on the basis of their maneuverability, durability, safety, comfort, style, … Read more

MIR Weighted Vest Reviews

MIR Weighted Vest Reviews

In this article, review the MIR Weighted Vests and provide our recommendations. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot or you can scroll down for detailed reviews. Have you ever felt that your workouts are becoming increasingly less effective? It is common for the body and muscles to get … Read more

What is Senile Osteoporosis?

What is Senile Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects a vast number of people around the globe, especially females. Osteoporosis causes loss of bone mass and bone mineral density. This leads to decreased bone strength, raising your fracture risk. Bones are living tissues that are constantly remodeled which means they are broken down continuously and replaced. This is … Read more

What Age Qualifies For Senior Discount?

What Age Qualifies for Senior Discount

Whenever you feel disheartened about your age, we suggest you simply browse through the many retail discounts and perks awaiting older adults in The Biggest List Of Senior Discounts In 2021 Senior discounts are one of the few truly great perks that come with growing older. There is no fixed age requirement in most places. … Read more

Advantages of Weighted Vest for Weight Loss

Weighted Vest for Weight Loss - Advantages

Obesity is a very common disease worldwide, with its prevalence gradually growing. As more people are leading increasingly sedentary lives and eating less healthy food, this ailment will have huge ramifications in the future. An increasingly popular tool to fight obesity is the weighted vest. Weighted vests have a lot of advantages when it comes … Read more

Does Osteoporosis Affect Teeth and Nails?

Does Osteoporosis Affect Teeth and Nails

Osteoporosis is characterized by reduced bone mass and strength, resulting in increased susceptibility to bone fracture. Osteoporosis can cause intense bone pain that can affect a person’s quality of life. Fractures can increase your risk for disability or death. This bone disease is associated with several risk factors. It is a chronic disease that poses … Read more

Living Well with Osteoporosis

Living Well with Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis causes a decrease in bone density. In a person with osteoporosis, the body absorbs more bone tissue and does not produce enough bone tissue to replace it. This decreases their bone density and bone mass, leading to weak bones and a higher risk factor for fracture. Osteoporosis develops slowly and silently, meaning that you … Read more

Is Yoga Good For Osteoporosis?

Yoga posture for Osteoporosis

A strength-based exercise routine is beneficial for preventing loss of bone mass and bone tissue for people with conditions like osteopenia and osteoporosis. Our bodies grow naturally till the age of 25 years, though this process can be made more efficient with the help of a good exercise regime and balanced nutritional intake. But, in … Read more