Benefits of Sleeping in the Afternoon for the Elderly

Old Man Sleeping

Did you know that your afternoon naps can help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia? Read on to know the benefits of sleeping in the afternoon for the elderly. Did you ever feel lazy or tired during the daytime? Is it making you feel drowsy and disturbing your daily routine. It can be because of the deprivation … Read more

Do You Need Crutches With a Walking Boot?

Do You Need Crutches With a Walking Boot

In medical science, geriatric or elderly people are treated as a separate category in themselves for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. The reason for this remains that not only are they physically but also biologically different from the younger age groups. The book Hutchinson’s clinical methods define a set of signs and symptoms known as ‘Geriatric … Read more

How Can Seniors Increase Their Energy Levels

Increase senior's energy throughout the day

Seniors are concerned about how can they increase their energy throughout the day. Usually, our energy declines because of normal changes over time. Both genes and environment lead to changes in cells. Resultantly, muscles lose strength, flexibility and mass. This is why old body gets tired quickly.  This doesn’t only affects our physical needs, but … Read more

At What Temperature Do Probiotics Die

At What Temperature Do Probiotics Die

Probiotics are live microorganisms that have a life of their own. They die if conditions around them are not favorable to their sustenance. All Probiotic products should be carefully stored and utilized for them to survive through their shelf life. Live Probiotic cultures are believed to die at around 115 Degree Fahrenheit. So it is … Read more

How to Get Elderly Walking Again

nurse assisting senior stroke patient

As an older adult, muscle loss and loss of bone density are to be expected. With increasing age, limited mobility is a major cause for concern as it causes muscle loss and reduction in bone density. Muscle weakness, frailty, disease, and surgeries are the main reasons for many seniors living less active lifestyles. When you’re … Read more

Best Way to Keep Elderly Hydrated

Best Way to Keep Elderly Hydrated

So, you, like many caregivers to elderly people are anxious about the fact that that the elderly adult you are in charge of is not drinking enough water and you are worried about how to get them to increase their fluid intake. It is essential that people need to be hydrated always. Dehydration is one … Read more