Overhead Trapeze for Hospital Bed

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For bedridden patients, overhead trapeze bars help users to move around in bed and be more independent than otherwise possible for them. For example, if you have suffered from a broken leg or if you are paralyzed from leg down, you can use an overhead trapeze to turn on the bed. It provides you with more control to maneuver yourself easily on the bed.

Although the design of the trapeze may be different across products, typically, the trapeze bar has a triangular metallic design and is attached to the headboard or the foot board of the bed. Alternatively, the trapeze bar may be a standing structure, not attached to the bed, or ceiling mounted. The article discusses the characteristics and benefits of an overhead trapeze and reviews some of the best overhead trapeze for hospital bed.

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  1. Graham-Field Overhead Trapeze for Hospital Bed
  2. Lumex Versa Helper Bed Trapeze
  3. Invacare Trapeze Bar
  4. Medline Overhead Trapeze for Hospital Bed


How Does an Overhead Trapeze for Hospital Bed Help?

  • The overhead trapeze bar is used by patients to get leverage and increase mobility, when it is difficult for them to turn or shift themselves on bed, due to a temporary or permanent injury
  • The trapeze bar is also utilized by some people for physiotherapy and light exercise to strengthen upper body muscles, in the case they are gradually recovering from some musculoskeletal condition or injuries

Overall, the device encourages you to move on the bed and out of it, without help from your caregiver.

Type of Overhead Trapeze for Hospital Bed

  • Bed Mounted: The trapeze is installed permanently on the headstand of the bed. The main support of the trapeze is screwed on to bed headstand and the triangular bar descends in front of using a hand which extends from the trunk
  • Free Standing: Free standing trapeze has the advantage of being mobile and can be taken and used with any furniture. The trapeze has legs which extend under the furniture on which it will be used and the legs can be extended wide apart for stability of the structure
  • Ceiling Mounted: If your room layout or furniture layout is such that you are not able to fit a bed mounted or free standing trapeze, you can install a ceiling mounted trapeze which will descend from the ceiling. It is typically adjustable, so that it does not obstruct your view

The choice of an overhead trapeze will depend on your usage pattern and the layout of your furniture.

How to Attach the Overhead Trapeze to a Hospital Bed?

It is best to call for help when you are trying to fix the main frame of the trapeze to the bed frame. Ensure that all the nuts and bolts are securely tightened, and the frame is not wobbling. The next step is to attach the rod which extends onto the bed. Once it is firmly put in place, you must hang the trapeze bar onto the rod and adjust it accordingly so that the user can comfortably reach it and can maneuver herself easily.

What to Look for in an Overhead Trapeze for Hospital Bed?

  • Type of Trapeze: It is best to buy a trapeze which will offer you with maximum flexibility – that is the free-standing model. However, depending on your usage pattern and your budget you may also go with a bed fixed overhead trapeze, if you do not anticipate using the trapeze with any other furniture
  • Total Weight Capacity: Although most trapeze bars will be able to bear a normal person’s weight and more, if you are a heavy user, you may want to have one eye on the maximum weight bearing capacity of the equipment
  • Adjustability: The height of the trapeze bar should be easily adjustable to allow you maximum flexibility and the ability to use it while you are at different positions on your bed

Best Overhead Trapeze for Hospital Bed

Below, we have reviewed a few of the best overhead trapeze for hospital bed – both free standing and bed mounted designs. We hope they will help you arrive at the best buying decision, depending on your specific needs.

#1 Graham-Field Overhead Trapeze for Hospital Bed

The trapeze aid from Graham-Field is a suitable equipment for aiding movements on a bed or transferring in and out of beds and chairs. The triangular hold of the trapeze is fully adjustable in terms of height and lateral movement, so that it allows you use in different positions.

The trapeze is compatible with a floor-stand; however, the stand has to be purchased separately. Without the stand, the trapeze must be fixed to the bed (headboard or foot board) and slightly reduces flexibility. It also makes you permanently screw through your headboard, which may not look nice once you remove the trapeze.

Ensure that you are buying the equipment for a metal or wooden bed (which is likely to be the case in a hospital bed), otherwise, it will be difficult to attach the trapeze on beds with upholstery and will not provide you with the stability to support large weight. The trapeze has the ability to support up to 250 pounds or 115 kilograms.

The video below features Lumex Bed Trapeze.


  • Trapeze hold is fully adjustable
  • Durable and well built
  • Includes a rubber capped standoff on the back of the frame to prevent damage to walls
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cost effective option which increases your convenience many fold


  • You must budget for a floor stand separately if you want the flexibility of a free-standing overhead trapeze
  • No specialized grip on trapeze to help patients with gripping problems
Graham-Field Lumex 2800GA...
300 Reviews
Graham-Field Lumex 2800GA...
  • Safely change position and transfer in or out of beds, chairs, or other equipment
  • Assisted weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Handbag location and height is fully adjustable
  • Versa Guard-coated clamps and handbag for furniture protection and grip
  • For use with metal-frame headboards and footboards (floor stand sold separately)

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#2 Lumex Versa Helper Bed Trapeze

The Lumex versa overhead trapeze for hospital bed is a heavy-duty device and can support weights up to 450 lbs or 200 kilograms, making it suitable for bariatric users. The height and lateral position of the triangular handlebar is adjustable, to enable you to use it comfortably at different heights and while sitting or lying down.

Moreover, the handlebar is coated with a layer of rubberized coating which enables you to get a better grip on the bar, particularly helpful for patients with gripping problems. It is a good idea to cover the exposed screws, after assembling, with rubber caps, which will prevent you or care givers from being accidentally scratched by the screws.

The floor stand, however, does not have wheels to enable easy movement from one place to another. The weight of the equipment is close to 75 lbs and requires strength to move from one place to another. However, the feet of the equipment are covered with rubber tips to prevent damage to your floors if you are pushing the equipment to move across locations.


  • Suitable for bariatric users
  • Rubber capped feet to avoid damage to your floor
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fully adjustable handlebar
  • Rubberized coating on handlebar for better grip


  • On the expensive side
  • No wheels at the bottom of the legs to conveniently move across rooms
Graham-Field 2940B Bariatric...
53 Reviews
Graham-Field 2940B Bariatric...
  • Safely change position and transfer in or out of beds, chairs, or other equipment
  • Assisted weight capacity of 450 pounds
  • Handlebar location and height is fully adjustable
  • Floor stand is included

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#3 Invacare Trapeze Bar

The overhead trapeze for hospital bed from popular mobility aid and care company, Invacare, is built strong with steel with a safe working load of 168 lbs.

The position and the height of the handlebar can be adjusted, and the handlebar has an additional rod in between for enabling you to get better leverage out of the trapeze.

However, it would have helped if the handle rods would have had rubber or matted coatings for better grip. No coating makes them cold to the touch, particularly in cold winters. The equipment comes with padding on the mounting brackets and a padded standoff on the back of the frame to prevent damages to the wall and headrest from contact with heavy metal.

However, it will require you to screw holes onto the bed headboard if you are using it without a foot stand and attaching it onto the bed directly.


  • Additional horizontal bar in triangular handle allows for more convenient gripping
  • Padding on standoff and mounting brackets to prevent damage to bed and walls
  • 2-piece safe design with locking pin for better safety
  • Good value for money


  • No extra rubberized grip on handle, may be cold to the touch in winters
  • Not suitable for bariatric users, unless you buy the floor stand
Invacare Trapeze Bar with...
168 Reviews
Invacare Trapeze Bar with...
  • FEATURES: Trapeze bar and handle can be used two ways; secure it to most bed frames, such as hospital beds and adjustable beds, or use it with an Invacare floor stand (part #7714P; sold separately).
  • EASY TO USE: Three-sided handle provides multiple grab points and a horizontal bar allows for additional grip.
  • EASY SETUP: No tools required; Tool-less design simplifies assembly, transport, and storage. The Fixed Trapeze MUST ONLY be installed onto beds with metal framed headboards, or used with the trapeze floor stand.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Heavy-gauge, octagonal steel construction for added durability supports a safe working load up to 168 pounds.

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#4 Medline Overhead Trapeze for Hospital Bed

The overhead trapeze from Medline is built with heavy-gauge, chrome plated, steel tubing for durability and strength. The product is available in normal and bariatric models and is compatible to be used with floor stands as well.

The handle is also adjustable in height and lateral position. The model is basic with no rubberized coating on the handle, which makes it cold to hold in the winter and patients with Parkinson’ or other musculoskeletal disease may find it difficult to grip the handle.

If you are using the trapeze without a foot stand, it is essential that you keep an eye on the strength of your bed headboard, as the trapeze will be attached to the headboard and a large fraction of the weight will be borne by the head board, through the trapeze frame. If your headboard is not strong it may split at the placed the trapeze is screwed in.


  • Fully adjustable trapeze handle
  • Strong and durable
  • Compatible with Medline floor stands
  • Easy to assemble


  • No coating on handle for a comfortable grip
Medline Trapeze Bar Attachment...
20 Reviews
Medline Trapeze Bar Attachment...
  • Frame is constructed of heavy-gauge, chrome plated, steel tubing for maximum strength
  • Tool-free design
  • Available in Standard and Bariatric
  • Assembles without tools
  • Free-standing, optional base also available

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Unlike some mobility aids, a trapeze bar is a necessity if you have incurred heavy injuries or paralysis on the lower part of your body and are bed ridden for an extended period. This goes a long way in helping care givers take care of the injured without risking back injury from trying to lift and turn patients on bed or trying to help them get in and out of bed.

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